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Valentine’s Day Legends From Around the World

Valentine’s Day Legends From Around the World

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is known by a few other names as well such as the Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day. Although it is celebrated in several places around the world, it is not actually thought of as a holiday in many different places. These are just a few Valentine’s Day Legends

United Kingdom – In the UK, it is believed that the practice of giving flowers, cards and chocolates originated here. However, there are regional legends that have been around for years. For instance, if you live in Norfolk then you probably know about Jack Valentine. Jack is said to knock on the homes’ back door and leave gifts and goodies for children. Even though this was thought to be a nice gesture, some kids were actually frightened of him.

China – There is a legend known in Chinese culture called “The Night of Sevens”. This legend states that the stars of the Cowherd and the Weaver Maid are allowed to meet together on the 7th day of the 7th month according to the Chinese calendar. Normally, these two stars are separated by the Milky Way.

Finland – Valentine’s Day is known as Ystavanpaiva (Friend’s Day). It is a day where you pay more attention to friendships than relationships.

Greece – St. Valentine’s Day in Greece is not usually associated with love and romance. In fact, Saint Hyacinth of Caesarea has been known to take care of people in love according to the Eastern Orthodox Church.

India – While Valentine’s Day didn’t really become popular in India until 1992, it is said there are those who do not promote the holiday. For instance, Shiv Sena, as well as the Sangh Parivar, have requested that those who follow them do not participate in the holiday because it is against Indian culture.

Israel – In Israel Valentine’s Day is known as Tu B’Av and is celebrated on August the 15th. Many years ago, men would wait in the vineyards for the women, who would be dressed in white dresses. Today, things are much different today as it is a popular day for marriage proposals.

Taiwan -In Taiwan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated along with the Qixi Festival and White Day. However, there is a twist to it because on Valentine’s Day, men give present to the women in their lives but the women don’t return the gesture on that day. Women give gifts to the men in their lives on White Day.

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