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Meet Robyn & Annemarie

Hi, we’re Robyn, Annemarie and we are the TMT Gals.  We’re a mother/daughter team and we’ve created this website because we’re passionate about travel, especially multi-generational travel.

Meet The Editors

Annemarie The proudest job of my life is being a Mom to Robyn and Grandchildren to Ava, Rose & Ella. I’m was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and I am a proud Caper.  I currently reside in Montreal, Canada. I’m a former Professeur at both the Universtiy and Collegial level. In 2010, when I stopped teaching I decided to explore the world of blogging.  My first blog went viral and today we have over 10+ million viewers a month.

With the success of my first blog, I decided to start travel blogging. Traveling has always been part of my life and when Robyn was a little girl we traveled extensively to the United States and Canada.  Robyn’s first Caribbean trip was to Jamaica at five-years-old and she was the hit of the resort.

Once Robyn left the nest my husband, Jody and I expanded our travels and we took our first trip Internationally to Chennai, India, the travel bug bit us hard. We have since traveled to Australia, Brussels, England, France, Czech Republic, Budapest, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Italy to name a few.  We currently spend more than two-months a year traveling.

Robyn – I have many titles that I’m proud of – a political science major, world traveler, social media influencer and of course a mom! I am 32 years old and was born in Montreal, QC, Canada.  I’m Mom to six-year-old Ava and 17-month-old twins Ella & Rose.

My husband Daniel is my second half, and I have a hard time remembering life without him! As a young couple, we traveled the globe! Some of the places we visited in our younger years include England, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, and France. We both have a love of traveling, and this has not changed as parents. The only difference now is that we have three kids in tow! We traveled extensively, with our eldest, and this summer we started the girls off, with a two-month adventure to Europe.  We firmly believe that travel will spark the curiosity of our children and give them a greater appreciation for the world.

Together Robyn and Annemarie combine their experiences as real-life traveling moms with their blogging power and expertise to produce the engaging and informative Tourist Meets Traveler experience.

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Happy Travels!

The TMT Gals

Annemarie & Robyn