Travel Tips: Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Travel Tips: Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Living in Los Angeles, California I often feel like a tourist in my own city. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s sometimes the case with people who live in large, metropolitan cities that tend to attract a lot of tourists.

Let’s take the example of Los Angeles, New York, and London. Leaving aside my own experiences, New York and London are home to millions of people, and it’s not like every one of those people has managed to cover every square inch of their city, right? For me, I feel like that in LA practically every weekend.

But you know what – it gives you the joy of rediscovering your city without having to travel. You get a tourist experience without paying money to take a flight or train somewhere.

So with that in mind, here are some tips to enjoy your own city as a tourist. First of all, go somewhere that you generally avoid. For me, that’s Hollywood itself. Anyone who’s been in LA will tell you that Hollywood isn’t where the real movie stuff goes on [it in fact happens everywhere but Hollywood] and the only ‘Hollywood’ related things there are the walk of fame, the Kodak theater [where the Oscars are held], and some movie premieres. Because of this, tourists flock to Hollywood before they go anywhere else in LA – whereas locals avoid it like the plague. But you know what? I went there and had a blast. It’s so much fun enjoying something for the first time, and these cities are always so diverse that it almost seems like you’re in another city.

Travel Tips: Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Also, make it a habit to keep exploring different places in your city, and keep your experiences diverse. Went to a beach last week? Go to the mountains the next week. Obviously, this will only work if your city is large enough to cover over several months, but seriously, the enjoyment of vacationing in your own city is underestimated.


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