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Travel Tips: Taking A Road Trip Across The US


Making a cross country trip across the US is never as easy as it looks. For one, you need to think about accommodations. Two, you’ll inevitably end up getting stuck somewhere or going off schedule. So keeping that in mind, I’ve devised a list of tips if you’re planning on making a cross country trip, all based on my own experience.

First, these tips will only be useful if you’re traveling across the US, so don’t expect to use them if you’re backpacking across Europe or hitchhiking across Asia.

  1. If you’re traveling by car, make sure that you always, always, always keep your gas tank full. Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s no gas stations for miles, you’re not going to want to pull over in some random town for directions.
  2. Keep a GPS in your car. This will make your traveling a 1000% more efficient, and will prevent you from getting lost.
  3. If you’re paranoid like me, you’ll never pick up hitchhikers. Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Carry food! Or go on a route that has frequent McDonalds stops. Considering that the US has more McDonalds than hospitals and pharmacies, I think you should be fine with this one.
  5. Stay safe. Again, try not to stop at night in city or town that you’ve never been to, because you never know what’s safe or what’s not safe. Obviously, if you’re traveling through a big city, it’s a different story.
  6. This all depends on which route across the country you take, but try to cover as many sights as possible. Whenever we’ve made our trips, we’ve tried our best to cover every major monument and landmark from the west coast to the east coast. Obviously, this will depend on your time constraints and what you’re prioritizing on.
  7. Decide on your accommodation beforehand! There are so many people that don’t think about where they’ll be staying, just assuming that they’ll find a motel or hotel somewhere. This is how creepy horror movies get started! Ok, not really, and the chances of something like that happening are very low, but again, better safe than sorry. Unless you’re someone who lives on adventure – if that’s the case, by all means go for it.

They’re all simple tips, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t plan anything in advance when they’re going on such a massive trip. Good luck!

Tips for taking a road trip across the United States