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10 Items You Cannot Bring Into Disneyland


10 Items You Cannot Bring Into Disneyland

If you and your family are heading to Disneyland sometime soon, you’re certain to be ultra excited. After all, what could be better than spending a fun-filled day with the people you love the most? Nothing — that’s what!

When you’re making your plans, though, there are some things that you really need to know. You see, you can’t take just anything you want into these parks. As you may imagine, safety is a massive issue here and so the park authorities have specific rules. Here are some of the things that you can’t take with you when you enter the park.

1. Remote control toys

As fun as these things are, they can be a hazard to other guests at the resorts. Don’t worry, though, there will be plenty of other ways to entertain your little ones.

2. Skateboards

If your kids are keen skaters, you need to talk to them ahead of time. Skating is not allowed in the park as it can cause accidents.

3. Alcohol

This one should really go without saying. While some of the places in the resort do serve alcohol, you cannot take your own into the park. Leave that wine at home!

4. Glass containers

No one wants to deal with smashed glass in the park, which is why you can’t take glass containers in. However, there’s one exception. If you have glass baby food jars, you should be fine.

5. Pets

Sadly, pets cannot enjoy all that the park has to offer. Family dogs and the like are not allowed in the resort at all. You should leave them with a friend or in a kennel.

6. Wrapped gifts

The problem with wrapped gifts is that the inspectors have no idea what’s inside. That could be a security issue. Be prepared to unwrap the present to show them what it is.

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7. Drones

Drones are more popular than ever these days, for obvious reasons. If your child has one, though, tell them to leave it at home. This kind of gadget could be an issue!

8. Scooters

You can’t blame your little ones for wanting to scoot around the park on these things. Unfortunately, though, they are not 100% safe. Don’t even bother trying to take them.

9. Fold-away chairs

Many families like to take camping chairs with them to resorts so they can have a picnic. Beware! These are not allowed at Disneyland so don’t make the fatal mistake of bringing them.

10. Selfie sticks

The selfie stick trend seems like it will never end! Eek! If you have one of these, you can’t take it to Disneyland. You will just have to take regular selfies instead.

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  1. robin rue says

    The selfie stick is fairly new and a total bummer. A few people misused them and ruined for the people who used them the way they were meant to be used.

    1. Edward Warren says

      I saw nothing about keeping bratty little kids and pushy, line jumping parents out.

  2. Catherine Sargent says

    This is a great list. I didn’t know that you could bring chairs or selfie-sticks.

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    All of these seem like common sense except for the selfie stick. Is it considered a possible weapon, maybe?

    1. RustyS says

      Morons bring them on rides.

  4. Colleen Lanin says

    Oh wow! Who the heck would ever try to bring a drone in to Disney? Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Jen Rattie says

    You know what I find awesome about this post? The fact that it needed to be written. I know that somewhere out there, someone has tried to bring in their dog or a beer or something. Why anyone would think that would fly, I’ll never know.

  6. Liz Mays says

    Ah, this is a good heads up. I can see why they have some safety issues with some of these things.

  7. Erin says

    If your pet is a registered service dog, you are allowed to bring it with you. However, you are expected to clean up after it. 🙂

  8. Pam Wattenbarger says

    These all make a lot of sense. I remember when Disney made news for the people taking selfie sticks onto rides.

  9. Cacinda says

    Oh I’m surprised to hear about the selfie stick! Is it because people try to take it on the rides?

  10. Kelly says

    This is a must save list for anyone planning a Disney vacation in the near future! Very thorough!

  11. Theresa says

    That’s a bummer about the selfie stick. We’re headed there this summer and would have loved to have been able to have brought ours in with us.

  12. Wendy Polisi says

    Some of these I didn’t know about and I’m surprised at. However, most of them I can understand. Better safe than sorry.

  13. Louise Bishop says

    I can understand most of those. But the selfie stick I find to be a bit silly. I am sure they have their reasons, but it is kind of finny to me.

  14. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    With the exception of the selfie stick I am surprised people would bring any of these things in. As far as the selfie stick, I’m guessing a few people did something unsafe tha truined things for those that know how to behave appropriately.

  15. Our Family World says

    Thanks for the tips. I know about the scooters, skateboards and folding chairs. But I did not know about selfie sticks! Good thing I read this before we planned on another Disney trip.

  16. Amy says

    Most of these are self explanatory so I get the restrictions. The selfie stick is the most interesting thing you cannot bring in.

  17. Amanda Love says

    This list is so helpful especially for people who are entering the park for the first time. I think it’s awesome that shared this with us.

  18. Carol Cassara says

    It’s been quite a while since I last went to Disneyland. It’s good to know all the rules though. It’s better to avoid bringing things that will give you a headache.

  19. Janell Poulette says

    Wow I didn’t realize some of these items were a no-go for Disney. I am especially surprised about the selfie stick!

  20. Jennifer says

    This list shocked me a little bit! Better to know this before you actually go.

  21. Shaye says

    And no whistles.

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