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Affordable Destinations – 4 Amazing Places You Explore on a Budget

Affordable Destinations – 4 Amazing Places You Explore on a Budget

Money is tight for just about everyone. Vacations, trips, and exploring the world may seem financially unfeasible, but thanks to current markets, these affordable destinations will be 4 amazing places you can explore on a budget.


If you are looking for an exotic vacation you can actually afford, visit Antigua. You’ll pass Mexico, another great affordable location, and enjoy the Spanish colonial buildings in the city and a rich experience of the Mayan ruins. The historic city is perfect for the tighter-budget, whose hotels offer views of Lake Atitlan starting around $50 a night. If you’ve ever dreamed of ziplining, you can cross that off your bucket list for just $30 and get an amazing view of the archaeological park of Tikal.


Another destination rich in history, Egypt is struggling to lure in tourists, so that means there are plenty of bargains. Guides, taxis, and admission to the pyramids are reasonably priced. The temples and ancient pyramid tours generally don’t see prices over $15 and can be as low as $3. Ride the train in first-class from Cairo to Luxor for just $17 and get a room with a view of the Nile for $60 – including breakfast.


If you love hiking and nature, Peru is for you. Explore the Andes, soak up the colonial architecture, and trek through the Amazon. You can explore Machu Picchu, gain entrance to the Inca Museum, and enjoy a country side meal for two for less than $10 – total. Hostels are insanely-inexpensive and run around the $10 range.


Political issues made Honduras more mainstream last year after the President was pushed out, but the amazing deals on Roatan Island are what should be putting Honduras on the map. The Caribbean island boasts the second-longest coral reef, but the islands tropical national parks are equally as gorgeous. If white-water rafting trips are on your To-Do list, you can enjoy the adventure for just $35. If you want a package that includes a hotel room, breakfast, transfer transportation, and a weeklong learn-to-dive experience, that will total out just under $600.

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