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Holiday Photos: How To Backup And Save Your Pictures

Holiday Photos: How To Backup And Save Your PicturesOver the last two decades, backing up photos has moved from being packed up in an album to digital backup. However, as much as digital backup has made life easier, backing up in albums is still an option many prefer to use.

If you prefer digital backup, then you will have to choose one option from the many known digital backups. In fact, there are digital photography backups for photos on Android and those on iPhone. We will look at the few best ways to back up your photos.

1. Store In Several Libraries

Regardless of whether you’re using an android or an iPhone, there are several free libraries where you can back up your photos. For android, Google Photos is a good place to store your photos, better yet synchronize your phone with your Google account and have them backed automatically.

2. Store On The Cloud

If you happen to experience challenges such as resetting your phone, then maybe you should try storing your photos on the cloud. The cloud provides an endless variety of services and can be simply synchronized from your phone so that once a photo is taken it is automatically uploaded.

3. External Hard Drives

If you really need to backup your photos to a point where you’re willing to get an external store, then try getting a hard drive with a bigger space. Hard drives are preinstalled storage points that can be accessed by connecting their cable to your computer. They usually range from $95-$200.

4. Other Smaller External Backups

Want to back up fewer photos and hand it over to someone? Why not use a flash drive or a DVD. Both backups have smaller space as compared to some external drives. They are helpful for backups that might be needed by someone else. You will copy your photos on their computer while retaining all the photos on your computer.

5. Prints

Remember the archaic method of backing up? Well, it still works. If you’d want to place them in your album, then find a photocopy that can help print your photos onto a paper. Apparently, this might be a very costly venture that ends up producing high-quality photos.

How are you backing up your photos?  Share what you are doing with your precious photos in the comments!

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