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The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation Destination

The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation DestinationSummer is officially over and Winter is right around the corner. If you’re anything like me, then you are just itching to take one last mini-vacation this Fall before the snow arrives. Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains are the absolute perfect Fall vacation destination, and even though Summer is in the rearview mirror, there are still tons of places and events you can pack your itinerary with.

Fall can be a tricky time to plan a vacation, but unlike other tourist destinations, Autumn is the Poconos’ true time to shine. Sure, their amusement parks are great during the summer and they have some pristine ski locations during the winter. But, NOWHERE in the Northeast does Autumn like the Poconos.

5 Reasons Why The Poconos Should Be Your Fall Vacation Destination


The Scenery

The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation Destination

The Poconos is beautiful all year round, that’s not up for debate.  But when the leaves begin changing colors, the hills and mountains come alive with splashes of orange, red, and yellow, the foliage is truly breathtaking.  They take Autumn VERY serious in the Poconos.  You won’t find a single town without scarecrows, bales of hay, and beautiful pumpkins everywhere you turn.

Haunted Houses & Corn Mazes

The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation Destination

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a Haunted House or Corn Maze, and in the Poconos, you can do both.  The Pocono Mountains are home to Mazezilla, one of the greatest corn mazes on the East Coast.  And, not only do they have several haunted houses, they have a four-story Haunted Hotel of Horror!

The Haunted Hotel of Horror is critically acclaimed, and unlike any haunted house experience, you have ever had.  A haunted house is one thing, but can you imagine having the dickens scared out of you for literally four floors.  My boyfriend and I were screaming like kids and ready to kiss the ground when we finally reached the end. The actors inside the Haunted Hotel of Horror are dedicated, the psycho with the chainsaw at the end chased us halfway to the car!  The Haunted Hotel of Horror is NOT for the faint of heart.

The Hiking Trails

If you are interested in a more “off the grid” Fall vacation, then the Poconos is the answer to your prayers.  Hiking is all the rage these days, and for good reason, there’s nothing more peaceful and rejuvenating than making your way through the woods and hills taking in all of nature and scenery.

Bushkill Falls is the perfect hiking location in the Poconos, and appropriately called “The Niagara of Pennsylvania,” some people make the trek to the Poconos just to go hike there.  Their complex network of hiking trails are well-labeled and broken up into three different levels of easy, medium, and hard.  The hiking trails lead to eight different waterfalls deep in the mountains.  The historic park isn’t just limited to the trails, there’s also a playground for the kids, a candy shop on the premises, gift-shops, a Native American Heritage Center, and picnic areas.

Jim Thorpe’s Fall Foliage Festival

The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation Destination

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains is the adorable town of Jim Thorpe.  Although it’s rather sleepy most of the year, Jim Thorpe comes alive during Autumn and is home to a month-long Fall Foliage Festival.  The Fall Foliage Festival is a perfect way to waste a weekend with pumpkin spice everything, live music, charming local shops, and delicious food.

At the heart of the Jim Thorpe, Fall Foliage Festival is the historic Lehigh Gorge Railway, where you can purchase tickets and take an authentic train ride through the scenic mountains, bring your camera because the foliage views are breathtaking.

The Fall Foliage Festival is held every year and takes place the first three weekends of October.

The Wineries
The Poconos: The Perfect Fall Vacation Destination

Regardless of what time of year you are taking a vacation, it won’t be an official vacation without a trip to a winery, right?  The Pocono Mountains are home to several authentic wineries.  Mountain View Vineyard is a must when booking your trip to the Poconos.  Located in the rolling majestic hills and off the beaten path, the scenery alone makes it worth the trip.  Once you arrive, their wines and spirits will seal the deal.  Mountain View Vineyard has a scrumptious Bistro on hand and wine-tastings.  Once you’re done, you can actually tour the vineyards, and check out the same exact vines the grapes grow on that were used to create their yummy wines.

Have you ever been to The Poconos? What was your favorite thing about it? Haven’t been there yet? Tell us what you would want to see first!

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