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Travel and Weight Loss – Eating Healthy on the Go Can Be Done!

Travel and Weight Loss - Eating Healthy on the Go Can Be Done!

Travel and weight loss don’t seem like it could go together, but eating healthy on the go can be done! In fact, there are tricks and tips you can use while on the road or in the air that you can adopt into your daily life. Weight loss doesn’t have to stop while you enjoy an adventure.

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Pack Smart

This doesn’t just apply to your luggage. Having your own snacks will prevent you from impulse purchases of sweets and junk food. Try keeping an arsenal of nuts, whole fruit, or roasted edamame that travels well and fills you up. It will also save you some money while traveling. Those stands in airports tend to come with a hefty markup. Be wary of snacks that pose as healthy options like granola which is packed with sugar. Keeping healthy snacks around on a general basis will also help keep you from the candy aisle.

Fast Food Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

Sometimes, you don’t have a choice in health-conscientious eateries. We all have those moments when we are faced with eating fast food. Take a look at the menu and narrow your choices to the healthiest option. For example, grilled chicken is a far better choice than anything breaded, skip the mayo on sandwiches, and order extra tomato or lettuce in place of cheese. If you have to have fries, order the smallest size and share with your kids.

Cheat Meal

Notice it’s a singular cheat meal and not meals. Allow yourself to indulge, just no over-indulge. When you’re traveling trying the local food is a must and you can’t cheat yourself an experience like lobster roll in Maine or pad Thai in Thailand. Make sure you maintain portion control and be willing to share with a friend or family member.

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Don’t Drink Your Calories

This is a general rule I have for myself. Liquids aren’t nearly as satisfactory as foods but can pack a huge calorific and sugary punch. Sweet tea is an example of drinking calories that can obliterate your diet and waistline…not to mention be an open invitation to sugar-fueled crashes.

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