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Family Accommodations in Tokyo: Affordable, Mid-Range And Where To Splurge

Family Accommodations in Tokyo: Affordable, Mid-Range And Where To Splurge

A lot of travelers believe in the misconception that Tokyo is too expensive for their budget. But truth be told, the bustling capital of Japan is really no different than New York City, Los Angeles, or any Western European capital when it comes to getting the most out of your dollar.
For travelers looking to visit the land of the rising sun this year, Tokyo has over 100,000 hotel rooms for you to choose from. Here are a few options if you are looking for accommodations in three categories: affordable, mid-range, and the ultimate splurge.

Family Accommodations in Tokyo: Affordable, Mid-Range And Where To Splurge

Affordable: 9h Capsule Hotel

If you are looking for the ultimate capsule hotel experience in Japan, look no further than the 9h (nine hours) Hotel. Modern, pristinely clean, affordable and not to mention surprisingly comfortable, you can find the 9 hours capsule hotel in several different locations, including the Akasaka and Shinjuku neighborhoods and even in Narita International Airport. The concept is straightforward: it gives you all of the functionality of a hotel, but without the luxury. The design is also great, especially for those who love minimalism and Bauhaus.

Luckily, the capsules are non-claustrophobic with a good-sized locker where you can store your luggage. It’s a unique experience for families looking for there “only in Japan” moment. An added feature is a smart radio in each capsule that plays ocean waves to help you fall asleep. Children are welcomed although men and women are separated into two different wings.

Other options: Other notable capsule hotels in Tokyo include the Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel, the Capsule Value Kanda, and the spotless and quiet Tamachi Bay Hotel.
Family Accommodations in Tokyo: Affordable, Mid-Range And Where To Splurge

Mid-Range: Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka

The Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka can be best described as a well-serviced and fully equipped apartment as it comes with a mini-kitchen, wash basin, stove, and a washing machine in each room. The rooms are large enough to comfortably accommodate a family of four or more. The staff is kind and friendly and there is also a Japanese style breakfast available near the lobby area. Some would even call the rooms quite big compared to Japanese standards.
The best part about the Centurion Hotel is that it’s located in the heart of one of Tokyo’s best neighborhoods: Akasaka. There are plenty of restaurants and even a shopping mall outside your doorstep. It’s also a short walk to the metro station. And here’s an added bonus: guests also have access to the spa at the nearby Grand Centurion hotel a few blocks away and at no extra cost.
Other options: The Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is right across the street from Tokyo Station. The JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku is a brilliant little hotel with reasonable rates.

Family Accommodations in Tokyo: Affordable, Mid-Range And Where To Splurge

Splurge: Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

Three words: style, sophistication, and service.

Guests at the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay are often blown away by the fantastic views of Tokyo bay and the Rainbow Bridge. The best part about visiting this hotel though is that you feel that you are genuinely welcomed, from the moment you step in. There is a great amount of attention to detail and politeness, making this an ideal hotel for families to stay in. The hotel is kid-friendly with plenty of luxurious amenities including room service, a pool, hot tub and spa, laundry service, several dining options and a business center.

What’s more, the hotel is conveniently located next to several subway lines, making it easy to get around the city. There’s also access to both Haneda and Narita airport with several limousine buses available. Also, it’s worth noting that this hotel location takes customer service to the highest level.

Other options: Check out the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, a luxury hotel in the heart of Roppongi, and also the same place where the massive hit Lost in Translation was filmed. The Conrad Tokyo is also a phenomenal hotel that manages to remove you from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Have you been to Tokyo with your family?  Which hotel did you stay at? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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