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Disney’s Value Resorts Make Families’ “Dream Vacations” Come True


Disney's Value Resorts Make Families' "Dream Vacations" Come True

Disney’s Value Resorts are “All Value” for families who want a fun and affordable trip to Disney with their children. My family was fortunate to be able to afford a stay not only at the All Star Music resort but the Pop Culture as well. The All Star Music resort plays tribute to the magic of music. Our guest room was located right in front of the guitar-shaped Calypso Pool with Three Caballeros Fountain and what my boys loved most about the pool, was watching outdoor movies at night while playing in the water. The room was clean and comfortable, maybe a little small but we didn’t care – we were there to enjoy the parks not to lounge around in the room all day. Now some of you might think that there was a lot of noise with our room being in front of the pool area, there wasn’t – the rooms are sound proof enough in that we slept comfortably and were not disturbed in the least.

Disney's Value Resorts Make Families' "Dream Vacations" Come True

With the price of your room you get Extra Magic Hours at Disney parks which we took full advantage of, as well as free transportation to Disney parks. Some of the other perks were free parking at our resort, playground, games arcade, Intermission Food Court, gift shop, daily maid service, coin laundry, pizza delivery and a jogging trail.

One of the best values we got was the refillable mugs for $15.48 each.   A one time purchase of this souvenir mug and you can fill and fill and fill throughout your whole vacation at the resort. My children loved to head over to the Intermission Food Court for breakfast which was simply delicious and a great value before a long day at the park and late at night. After the fireworks at the park, we would head on back to our room and order pizza. The best part about having the big breakfast was that the kids always wanted to skip the unhealthy fast food in the park and just snack on a fruit or something light.

Disney's Value Resorts Make Families' "Dream Vacations" Come True

Something that is new since we stayed at the resort is that there are now small refrigerators in all the rooms and there is complimentary
Wi-Fi available.

Disney's Value Resorts Make Families' "Dream Vacations" Come True

The Pop Century resort was equally great fun and value. It is located near Disney Hollywood Studios and features the classic years and the legendary years. Again, we stayed in front of the pool area, this time the Hippy Dippy Pool, and we loved our stay. The amenities were pretty much the same here but we preferred the food options at the Disney’s All Star Music resort. In the lobby there was this wall of memory lane brimming with the fads, fashions, music, toys and trinkets from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s that we really enjoyed talking about with the children. Overall, no matter which Disney Value Resort you choose; All Star Movies, All Star Music, All Star Sports, Pop Century or the newest Disney’s Art of Animation, you are guaranteed to save money, relax and be thoroughly entertained.

To find out more about Disney Value Resorts, head over to their website, CLICK HERE …


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  1. Chris says

    Wow, I love these resorts. I have stayed at a few of them and couldn’t agree more that they are excellent value. What I loved, is that you walk from resort to resort (except Pop Culture) and test out all the pools; that was the best!

  2. cathy says

    Looks like fun – I can’t wait to take my family!!

  3. DD says

    That looks like so much fun!

  4. Pamela says

    Awh this looks adorable and like good family fun!

  5. maurice says

    wow – that looks amazing, but i’m a little too old. for kids, sure – would be a great time, just not for me. haha

  6. Ali says

    How cute. Definitely would be good for a family with little ones.

  7. Annemarie says

    Looks like fun, I would definitely try it out, thanks for posting…

  8. Ali says

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stay at a Disney resort.

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