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Mommy Travel Tip: “Star Light Lil Nursery” Tent For The Beach


Mommy Travel Tip: Star Light Lil Nursery Tent

My daughter, Ava was seven months when we first visited the tropics and I wanted to find a way to enjoy the beach and keep Ava safe from the sun.  After a lot of searching I found the Lil Nursery Tent which was perfect.  We took it to Punta Cana with us and it was a lifesaver.  The tents was easy to set up, light and roomy.  We were able to put Ava down for her nap in the tent and let her play with her toys.

We just recently visited Punta Cana again and this time Ava was 17 months old.  We took the tent to the beach each day and when it was nap time we would put her down to sleep in the tent.  Ava was still able to play with her toys in the tent without the fear of her getting a sunburn.  I cannot tell you how great this tent is.

The Lil Nursery Tent is well made, durable and affordable and well worth the money.  You can pick up the tent at TOYSRUS and it retails for $29.99.

I highly recommend this product if you are heading to the beach with your little one!

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  1. shari says

    love this!! So nice to feel comfortable keeping your child out of the sun.

  2. maurice says

    ooh, those tents look pretty stylish and great to stop a child from any sunburns or anything.

  3. Pamela says

    This looks really handy for keeping kids out of the sun!

  4. Ali says

    How cool is that? What a great idea for little ones.

  5. Ali says

    That’s a really good price!

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