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10 Disney Park Secrets

I love little know facts and details about anything. I am a sucker for anything special or unique, so these Disney secrets were something I had to share.

magic kingdom secret tunnels

Just about everyone knows of the “tunnels” that run under the Magic Kingdom that enable characters to move quickly through parts of the park, but did you know…

10. You are actually walking on top of those “tunnels” as you enter the park? Technically, when you enter the Magic Kingdom you begin an incline to Cinderella’s castle. Once you reach the doors, you are now at a “third story” level. There a few tunnels at Epcot as well.

9. The Haunted Mansion has a lot of secrets. In the new and improved line interactive line for the Haunted Mansion, if you look very hard, you can find the ring of the bride in the stretching room. Look for it near the dead sailor. You might also find actual dead remains. The ride is notorious for people dumping ashes of loved ones. Many people seek permission from the parks to scatter the ashes, but get denied and sometimes do it anyway. Also, if you get a chance to look at the pet cemetery outside, you will find a Mr. Toad tombstone.

cinderella secret suite in magic kingdom

8. There is a secret suite inside Cinderella castle. You cannot book the room. It is used solely for promotion deals. It was originally constructed as an apartment for Walt Disney, but work on the digs wasn’t completed before he passed away. So, in 2007 it was given a makeover and only a few lucky guests will ever get to stay there.

disney scent vents

7. Every sense is engaged throughout some of the parks. Visual details are nailed down to the most pleasant and complimentary colors, your ears are bombarded with the sounds of music and smells are pumped into the park to further the euphoria. You will find gadgets called “Smellitzers” throughout the parks. These patented scent generators are responsible for the smells of baked goods and vanilla around Main Street, salty sea air in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, musty and earthy odors linger at the Haunted Mansion ride, fresh citrus on Soarin’ Over California, and burning lumber near the scene depicting the fall of Rome on Spaceship Earth.

6. Disney Parks are usually spotless for several reasons. First, those tunnels mentioned above help out characters – they are also said to be home to janitors who will pop out of their secret doors to clean up trash or messes within minutes. Second, trash cans litter the park. Ok, terrible pun, but you will find a garbage receptacle within 30 feet at all times while strolling the park. Third, none of the shops in Disney sell gum. Unless you bring it in, you won’t find it stuck to the bottom of tables or your shoes.

basketball court in matterhorn

5. Inside the upper portion of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland you will find a basketball court. Employees voted on what should be put inside the empty space in the 147 foot mountain. A basketball court has entertained staff on break since 1959. You will also find a break room for Tinkerbell. Girl needs somewhere to primp before she flies off the top!

club 33

4. There is a VIP area for park patrons who don’t want to mingle with the masses called Club 33. Inside a very normal looking door in the New Orleans area in Disneyland lies a lounge for entertaining dignitaries and celebrities. One must pay $25,000 to start their membership and then an additional $10,000 a year – that just gets you in the door. Inside, members get to hang out with fellow members like Johnny Depp, eat gold and ride flying ponies. I jest. Inside, you will get to dine in a restaurant designed with French decor and props from Disney films, but Depp is rumored to be among the 500 members.

3. Have you ever noticed the sign going into The Animal Kingdom has a dragon on it? There is also a dragon head among the other animals depicted on the front gates. In the initial stages of the project, an area was due to be dedicated to mythical creatures and beasts. The area was eventually scrapped. There are many rumors as to why the portion was scrapped. Some say Disney was trying to save it for a Harry Potter branch that eventually went to Universal after Isner wanted full control over the Wizarding World. Others say, it is becoming a land built around the Avatar films. Another explanation states that families wanted more meet and greets with Disney characters and it became Camp Disney. FYI – A villain themed area of Disney World was in the works, but was also scrapped in favor of the Fantasyland expansion.

2. The park isn’t mice friendly. Feral cats also roam the Disney World property to keep the rodent population down. At night, they take over the park.

evil queen

1. There are TONS of little details and secrets among the parks. In one of the buildings in Fantasyland (in Disneyland) above the Snow White attraction, the Evil Queen appears in a window every few minutes. She is only there for a few seconds so you have to really look for her. The plain purple teacup on the Mad Hatter ride spins the fastest. There are thousands of hidden Mickey Mouse heads throughout Disney World and the surrounding resorts. There is an actual human skull at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride used as decor on the bed in the Captain’s Quarters. The first person to enter Tinkerbell’s shop at the park gets to “wake up Tinkerbell.”