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6 of America’s Best Hotel Restaurants

6 of America's Best Hotel Restaurants

Maybe it is just me, but there is a certain stigma that comes with hotel restaurants. Patrons might ask themselves, Why would I travel all the way here, just to eat at my hotel? But, to rule out your accommodation’s on-site eatery can rob you of some amazing dining opportunities.

Food and Wine magazine’s project, Chefs Club at the St. Regis in Aspen is a source for extraordinary food thanks to the menu. A star-studded cast of the Best New Chefs offer their best dishes to ravenous guests. Sue Zemanick, James Lewis and George Mendes are just a few of the talents lending their strongest creations to the Starwood housed restaurant.

Trace at the W Hotel in Seattle is favorite for sushi-lovers. The 10 seat bar creates delicious bites of fresh seafood and Asian-inspired food. Don’t miss the “Signature Roll,” featuring crab and torched spicy tuna.

Baltimore is one of my favorite city’s and Wit and Wisdom is an all-around foodie favorite. Found in The Four Seasons, the take on a “modern American tavern” will offer hearty dishes like lobster pot pie and flavor explosions like Maryland blue crab deviled eggs with shallot cracklings.

High atop Hotel Lincoln you will feast on burgers that practically have a pedigree, cocktails that would sit the popular table in the lunchroom and unobstructed views of Chicago. The view, the food and some of the best minds running the location will make every bite a memorable experience.

Last year, Chef Justin Cogley was named Best New Chef by F&W. His creations can be found at Aubergine in L’Auberge Carmel. The menu does the thinking for you. There is a choice of a $110 five-course affair or a $145 Tasting Menu that features an array of delicious nods to the area.

Didn’t think you could find amazing dining in a Marriott? Think again my friend. Truss at the Marriott in Portland is home to culinary wizard, Chef Andy Ardnt. He soaks up the wonderful locale and translates it into dishes like Skookum Inlet clams cooked in Seven Brides IPA.