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PEI Travel Made Easy: Use ‘Ask An Islander’ To Plan The Dream PEI Vacation! #AskAnIslander #PEI

PEI Travel Made Easy: Use 'Ask An Islander' To Plan The Dream PEI Vacation! #AskAnIslander #PEI
Photo Credit: Wendy Mumma

I have some great trips and family vacations planned for Summer 2015, but one of the ones I am most looking forward to is right here in Canada – Prince Edward Island. I have travelled all over the world, and nothing compares to the great memories I have made with my family at Prince Edward Island. Somehow they managed to cram all of my favourite things: antiquing, fabulous food, beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and amazing people all on one island!

I always try to sneak a trip to Prince Edward Island in to my summer plans, and I never get tired of using the official PEI Tourism website to build my family’s itinerary – it seems like every year there are more and more activities added to their endless list of things to do there. Travelling with my entire family isn’t always easy, especially with the varying age ranges, but Prince Edward Island seems to be the one place that we can all travel to and have the times of our lives.

PEI Travel Made Easy: Use 'Ask An Islander' To Plan The Dream PEI Vacation! #AskAnIslander #PEI
Photo Credit: John & Nicole Morrison

There are literally beaches everywhere you turn on Prince Edward Island, and that means fun for the whole family – adults and kids. And, you won’t find beaches any cleaner or more family-friendly than theirs. But, beaches are just the tip of the iceberg when you are planning a getaway to Prince Edward Island. Personally, I go for the antiques and endless shops – with seriously the nicest staff and friendliest faces you will ever meet. After about a few hours of following me around and carrying my shopping bags my husband usually grows antsy and heads off to the golf courses – which are his idea of a perfect vacation. But, we always meet up for dinner, and there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from, with of course endless seafood and fish dinners.

PEI Travel Made Easy: Use 'Ask An Islander' To Plan The Dream PEI Vacation! #AskAnIslander #PEI
Photo credit: NoWin

One of my favourite memories on Prince Edward Island is definitely my trip to the Rossignol Estate Winery – which if you are a wine buff is a must for your to do list. If you plan your trip to Prince Edward Island during the summer, then it is practically a given that there will be a festival going on at some point during your stay, and if festivals aren’t your thing you could always pack up the kids and spend a day at the amusement park or take a family hike on the Confederation Trail. Personally I am a major history buff and I thoroughly enjoy travelling to museums and visiting some of the local landmarks on Prince Edward Island and snapping photos of the breathtaking lighthouses – however my family is super outdoorsy, so we usually plan our itinerary with a mix of sight-seeing, historical stops, and then some kayaking, bicycling, or even heading out on a boat for an afternoon of fishing.

I could ramble on for days about everything Prince Edward Island has to offer (like Anne of Green Gables Museum or the amazing mini golf-course), but you can actually head over to the official PEI Tourism website and speak to someone who lives right on Prince Edward Island by using their “Ask An Islander” application and you’ll get the inside scoop on the best hotels, restaurants, and places to visit while you are planning your family’s itinerary. The PEI Tourism website is my go-to source when I am planning a trip to Prince Edward Island. They are always up to date, and you can search for Prince Edward Island hotels, cottages, Bed & Breakfasts, and campgrounds right there on the site. The PEI Tourism website makes planning your vacation a breeze and even offers packages right there on the site based on what your interests are and the age ranges of the people travelling with you. Or you could always hop on social media and check out #AskAnIslander or #PEI on Twitter for up to date information.

I am literally counting down the days until my trip to Prince Edward Island, and you will be too once you visit the PEI Tourism website and see everything the province has to offer. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the Ask An Islander application – like I said the residents of Prince Edward Island are seriously the friendliest people ever!

Follow #AskAnIslander and #PEI on Twitter for more insider info about PEI.


Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Tourism PEI, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Tourism PEI.

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  1. Melissa Pezza says

    This is such a cool idea! What better way to learn all you need to know about a place than from a local?

  2. Jenna Em says

    I would love to go to PEI one day, as it is on my bucket list. It would be wonderful to go to the beach and take a dip, meet the locals, and explore the east coast of Canada.

  3. SoberJulie says

    Oh this looks simply lovely. I’ve wanted to go to PEI since my Anne of Green Gables days and we will make it happen!

  4. Erinn S says

    i have heard great things about visiting PEI

  5. Fariha says

    I love being able to Ask An Islander, it sounds like it will make vacation planning so much simpler. I have never travelled to Eastern Canada. It sounds like there is so much to do.

  6. Laura (Another Cent Saved) says

    I would love to visit PEI, My daughter does once a year since they live in Boston its one spot that they love and like you keep going back too. I did not realize just how beautiful it is. Next time they invite me I am going 🙂 Thanks for sharing its lovely.

  7. Christy Maurer says

    Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables when I was 10, I have wanted to visit PEI! I am not sure if I will ever get to, but it seems like such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing a bit about the things to do!

  8. Christine says

    I went on vacation to PEI years ago with my family. It was actually the last family vacation I’ve been on with my parents and sisters (before boyfriends, husbands, kids…). It was the best vacation ever. I will treasure it forever! I went deep sea fishing for the first time while we were there… SO FUN!

    I’m hoping to visit PEI again with my kids some day. I know they’ll treasure it as much as I did.

  9. Amanda Tempel says

    I wish I had more trips planned for the summer. That looks like a beautiful place to visit too. I’m definitely jealous.

  10. paula schuck says

    I have never been out east. The furthest I have ever made it is Quebec. I would love to visit PEI one day. You make it sound amazing! I want to take my kids with me one day.

  11. Jeanine says

    I love PEI. I went when I was a kid and would love to go back with mine. Such a beautiful place! Hopefully one day!

  12. Theresa says

    The beaches look like the best part! I’d love to travel there.

  13. lisa @bitesforbabies says

    It looks absolutely beautiful there! I have absolutely no desire to go out West (like most people do). I would go out East in a heartbeat though 😉

  14. Uplifting Families says

    I haven’t been to Canada but it would be on must visit list. This gives me some great suggestions and hope that I can visit one day.

  15. Rosey says

    I’d like to see the Ann of Green Gables museum. I bet that would be so different than any museum I’ve seen before!

  16. Lalia @ Found Frolicking says

    I lived in Canada for 5 years, but I never made it much of anywhere outside of Edmonton, Alberta. I certainly didn’t make it out to Prince Edward Island. It looks beautiful, though! Perhaps one day I will get the opportunity to see it.

  17. Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies says

    I’m originally from New Brunswick so I used to go on road trips with my mom and sister over to PEI. There really are so many things to do and see over there and it is seriously one of my most favorite places on earth! I love PEI so much that my husband and I even had our honeymoon there and stayed for a full week. One of my favorite attractions unfortunately closed down when we there (Woodleigh Gardens and Replicas) but I hope someone revives it in the future!

  18. Elizabeth O. says

    PEI sounds like a place worth visiting. I’ve never been to Canada, but this would be on my list of places I want to visit.

  19. Lynndee says

    I have cousins in Nova Scotia and they’ve been to PEI. I learned how beautiful PEI is when I saw her photos. I would love to visit PEI someday.

  20. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We went to Prince Edward Island when i was a little girl. I can remember hoe beautiful it was. We went to see the place Anne of Green Gables was filmed.

  21. Dawn McAlexander says

    Honestly, I have never heard of PEI before. It looks and sounds wonderful, though! I love to travel, and island destinations are my favorite, so I will be checking it out!

  22. ourfamilyworld says

    I am so jealous. I have never got the chance to visit PEI and I am dying to visit. The pictures are just amazing

  23. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I would absolutely love to see PEI one day and it is on my bucket list. I think the best way to get the best info on a locale is from the locals.

  24. Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy says

    I’ve never been to Prince Edward Island, but it looks gorgeous! My children love going to the beach when we do go on vacation. It seems we always end up at the beach, lol.

  25. Jacqueline says

    OMG, yes, this place is mini-golf heaven 🙂 I grew up in New Hampshire and have been to PEI at least 15 times in my life. My dad took us there every summer. It’s as charming as charming can be!!

  26. Krystal says

    I have always wanted to visit PEI! It sounds so relaxing and like a great place to explore.

  27. John Lopez says

    Wow love the view and shot, I wish I could travel there in one day with my family of course. Im glad that you and your kids had a great experienced and fun.

  28. CourtneyLynne says

    omg the beaches look lovely! I would so love to visit one day :$

  29. Esther says

    Your pictures already make Prince Edward Island look like the perfect vacation spot but I am going to go check out the PEI Tourism Website to see some more photos. Beautiful place!

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