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Top Disney World Hotels for Solo Travelers

Top Disney World Hotels for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo at Disney World is all about being able to see and do what you want on your schedule, and the same goes for picking out a hotel. You want a place where you will be most comfortable at, that is within your budget and has plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Several of the resorts are secluded and semi-private, giving guests and families the chance to slip away from all the excitement, and while that might appeal to some solo travelers it’s often the activity filled resorts that solo travelers prefer.

These are some of the top Disney World hotels for solo travelers that fall within all budgets.

Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort is a budget hotel at Disney World, which means it will be filled with more families than some of the other hotel options. Its great for solo travelers though because it has a great nostalgic theme that adults can appreciate. The resort has a dedicated pool that plays movies outside on a giant screen in the evenings, which are not always packed and make a great social event for solo travelers that need a night away from the parks. Another benefit for solo travelers staying at this resort is that you can get around Disney World World with short wait times on buses that are less crowded.

The Swan and Dolphin Resort

The Swan and Dolphin Resort is located on Disney World property, but not a Disney run resort, still, everything here is up to par with Disney services. This sprawling resort is in a great place for solo travelers, located at Disney’s Boardwalk where there are a lot of other singles and large parties out exploring this area of Disney. Many of the adult friendly and solo traveler friendly dining and entertainment options are located right at the Boardwalk and within walking distance so its easy to go back and forth in the evenings.

Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort is an adult friendly hotel, often booked by solo travelers that are attending conferences being held on Disney property. For this reason any solo traveler that is looking for a quiet retreat, where they can still stay for a value but get away from families that fill most of the resorts. This property is right along the water and there is a unique aquatic center and health center that caters to adults staying here. This hotel is a great way for solo travelers to unwind, dine on property, and have a quiet and crowd free retreat at any time of the day.

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

For the solo traveler looking to be pampered, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is a great option because of all the perks and add-ons that are available here. This lavish spot is all about making you feel like you are being pampered, from live music to some of the best spa treatments in the country. Couples love this resort too, but as long as you are comfortable being solo among a lot of pairs, you can find plenty here to entertain and keep your attention. The pools and beachside location, and the proximity to some of the most popular Disney restaurants puts you right in the heart of things at Disney World.