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The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 5 – #TWD Road Trip


The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 5 – #TWD Road Trip

If you’re going with ‘The Walking Dead’ withdrawals; sighing wistfully at the sight of the meat case at the grocery, maybe its time to take a #TWD Road Trip! You can visit these filming locations from Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ or visit spots from previous seasons thanks to our detailed list for each season of TWD here!

The Gun Store – Georgia

Located on W Slaton Ave, this store serves as a place for a supply run. Here Glen, Maggie, and Tara, retrieve 3 silencers. Across the parking lot, you’ll also find the path Father Gabriel used to get Rick, Michonne, Sasha, and Bob to the Food Bank.

Grady Memorial Hospital – Newnan, Georgia

The hospital where Beth was held hostage was billed as being in Atlanta, Georgia. In reality, the scenes were filmed at the old Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Newnan, Georgia.

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Parking Garage – Atlanta Georgia

On Carnegie Way you’ll find the intersection where Daryl and Carol distract some walkers and go on a goose chase through the parking garage. Scenes were shot on Fairlie St, and Ellis St., too including where Daryl’s set fire to a notebook.

Daryl and Carol’s Alley – Griffin, Georgia

After Daryl and Carol miraculously survive their plunge from the bridge in the van, the kinda-couple regrouped in the quiet street – State Alley. This alley also provided the backdrop for several other scenes including Daryl and Noah’s return to take the truck in order to go get Rick and company for a rescue mission.

Firetruck Recovery – Griffin, Georgia

Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Glenn, and Maggie part with Rick and the rest of the group to head to Washington. After Eugene sabotages the church van due to the secret he has been protecting, the gang comes across a firetruck they use to slay some walkers and continue their journey. You’ll find the fire station on the corner of E Soloman St. and S 6th St.

Shirewilt estates

Shirewilt Estates – Peachtree City, Georgia

On the corner of Foreston and Redwine Rd., you’ll find the fictional neighborhood of Shirewilt where Noah lived. The group honors Beth’s wishes and takes him “home” to find all was not well. Remember that this a community of families and people trying to live life reside in the neighborhood. Be respectful as you visit.

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Rick and Company’s Showdown With Police – Griffin, Georgia

The area off W Quilly St. is where Noah lured the police of Grady Memorial Hospital for Rick and the group to handle is a great place for pictures. You will also find the area was also used for a few of Carol and Daryl’s scenes after their car wouldn’t start and forced them to find shelter for the night. However, the location is in use for industrial purposes. You can take pictures, but make sure you don’t cross any lines or fences.

Alexandria – Senoia, Georgia

The season ends with Rick and his reunited by battered crew follow Aaron to the Safe Zone. A wall was constructed around a portion of the Gin Property to create the town of Alexandria which Rich and Michonne hope will be the haven it’s promised to be. Morgan street and Lower Creek Trail make up the principal amount of the area. Again, this is area filled with housing and families. Be respectful.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    This is so cool. My husband and I love this show and would LOVE to go visit some of these places.

  2. jo says

    Whatttt!!! I should have known this last year! We visited Georgia and heard they shoot there but didn’t know where exactly. 🙁 I’ll remember this when we visit GA, but maybe not yet this year. 🙁

  3. Diana Villa says

    Really!!!!!! I’m so excited about this I;m a huge fan of them. Thanks for sharing!!! 😀

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    We live in Georgia, and we’ve bee putting together a little driving trip to see all of these spots. This is a great list!

  5. Jenny says

    How cool, I would love to go to Georgia sometime and check these spots out! We love the walking dead over here in WA.

  6. Ourfamilyworld says

    My kids are huge fans of The Walking Dead. They will be so thrilled if we are to visit these places.

  7. Jesica H says

    What a fun trip that would be!!! I am in need of a vacation for sure!

  8. HilLesha says

    It would be fun and exciting to at least visit at least one of these former filming locations. I’ll have to keep them in mind!

  9. Uplifting Families says

    This would be fun to visit these places especially if you got to watch the filming. I wish that I lived closer to Atlanta, it would be fun touring some of these sites.

  10. rika agustini says

    great list. My husband just talked about this last week. He is obsessed with behind the scene.

  11. Rebecca Swenor says

    This would be an awesome trip for my sons who love The Walking Dead. I have never been to much of a fan but they always have and love anything zombie. It would be neat to see the filming locations though. Thanks for sharing the information.

  12. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey says

    Oh my! This sounds very exciting! It would be fun and thrilling to see familiar locations of TWD.

  13. Chubskulit Rose says

    I have never watched this show. We watched TV with the kids most of the times so we can’t really watch this kind.

  14. Lynndee says

    I didn’t know they filmed Walking Dead in Georgia. I’m not a big fan of the show compared to my brother, but I would love to visit those locations. Atlanta is only 3 hours from here. 🙂

  15. becka says

    That isn’t too far from here. It’s pretty cool that you can visit places they film. A few miles from where I am sitting is where they filmed parts of Hunger Games. I just found that out yesterday. lol

  16. Jeanine says

    My husband and oldest just love the walking dead. They’d love this…. I haven’t really watched the show and what I did see was a bit too disturbing to me haha.

  17. Angela says

    I forsee a road trip very very soon gahh! Thanks for this!!

  18. Wandering Carol says

    I love themed trips like this! Personally, I’m still working on Harry Potter (don’t laugh) because I’ve only visited the train station and one cathedral where some grounds shots were done.

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