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The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 3 – #TWD Road Trip


Tourist Meets Traveler has covered The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 1 and followed it with coverage and addresses of The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 2. Here are the can’t-miss sites for The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 3…

The Prison – Senoia, Georgia

Technically, the prison is gone and there is nothing to visit, but I wanted to address the rumors. Unfortunately for fans, the bulk of season 3 prison scenes were filmed in Raleigh Studios Atlanta. There were rumors it was filmed in real Georgia prison, but those are inaccurate. Rick and the gang’s temporary “West Georgia Correctional Facility” home was actually a back lot. Access is prohibited.

Case General Store – Haralson, Georgia

The little store Michonne quickly slays some walkers and grabs some aspirin for an ailing Andrea, is still there, but it is now the The Funky Shack Art Studio. So, if you are in the market for an even planner or florist, stop by the shack at 38 Main St.

Sportsmans Deer Cooler

The Sportsman’s Deer Cooler – Haralson, Georgia

After grabbing some medicine, Michonne returns to where Andrea is hiding out trying to survive some illness with Michonne’s pets – The Sportsman’s Deer Cooler. Located on 34 Addy St, you might be able to visit during deer season and get a look inside.

Woodbury – Senoia, Georgia

It’s true, there is an actual town called Woodbury in Georgia, but this town ran by a thinly veiled maniac was brought to life in Senoia. This location is rumored to be making another appearance in season 5. Travel down main street to get a feel of what was once Woodbury.

The Arena – Newnan, Georgia

When Daryl is captured, he is pitted against his brother in a gladiator-esque arena filled with walkers. The area is actually owned by Caldwell Tanks. You can find the location at 57 E Broad St, but be aware that this is privately owned property. You might only be able to get views from the road unless you are on a guided tour.

Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge

Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge – Griffin, Georgia

Daryl left the group to join Merle out of brotherly love, but things change when Daryl hears a baby crying in the distance. Running after the sound, he saves a small group of people corned in by a small herd of walkers on a bridge. In the show, it’s dubbed Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge, but in reality it is Line Creek Bridge on Line Creek Rd (Riveree Rd).

Morgan’s ‘Clear’ Location – Grantville, Georgia

Morgan makes a brief return to the show after Rick, Carl, and Michonne go on a supply run for the looming battle with The Governor. The trio stumble upon Morgan who is crazy with grief and attempting “clear” himself of some demons. This area, located on Church St., is where Morgan disposed of walkers. Travel further down the road, which turns into Main St., and you’ll find area Morgan filled with traps including the outside of the building he was staying in. The bulk of the episode ‘Clear’ was shot in the area. Note that places like the cafe Carl goes into after the picture of his mother was built into the town and not an actual (visitable) place. To get into Morgan’s apartment, you will need to participate in a guided tour.

Rick Meets The Governor/ Merle’s Ambush Site – Haralson, Georgia

To try and settle the brewing war between Rick and The Governor, they meet in at ESCO Feed Mill. You will need to follow follow Magnolia St. to Railroad St, and there you will find the area where Daryl, Andrea, Martinez waited, but the actual place the meeting was shot at was around the corner on Main Street. Merle also ambushes The Governor here. Note that there are NO TRESPASSING signs, so be respectful and maintain distance from the property.

Motel Creepy – Newnan, Georgia

Michonne gets stuck with Merle and the two stumble upon a creepy motel. It’s actually a no-longer-running hotel called Oaks Inn. It has been in service in years and rumor has it that the building is haunted. Be careful in this abandoned area as it’s also said to be a refuge for homeless wanderers. You’ll find it at 057 Highway 29 S.

Big Jakes – Senoia, Georgia

Merle, having a drink in a stolen car, is swarmed by walkers who he leads away with booming music for his plan involving The Governor in “This Sorrowful Life.” Big Jakes is actually Southern Country Steakhouse on Chestlehurst Road.