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The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit, Season 1 – #TWD Road Trip


The Walking Dead is an enthralling drama that has a cult-like following. The show has been smashing rating records and taking Sunday night to a new level. In fact, TWD often dethrones Sunday Night Football. Season 5 beat Sunday Night Football five times during the first half of the season, taking those coveted viewers aged 18-49. For fans of the show, these sets from The Walking Dead you can visit are the ultimate pop culture trip!

Atlanta Hospital – Atlanta, Georgia

Want to see the hospital Rick stumbled out of to find a zombie apocalypse? Head to 2353 Bolton Road and you’ll find the commercial building that was used as the outdoor shots of the Atlanta hospital.

The Bicycle Walker – Atlanta, Georgia

Rick comes across one his first walkers, in this case, crawler, after leaving the hospital. After Rick takes her bike and peddles to his home, she is shown again after Rick regains his strength. You’ll find the area this scene was filmed at Atlanta’s Grant Park. It’s near the park entrance.

The Grimes House – Atlanta, Georgia

Don’t knock on the door, but you can gawk all you want. The home used for the exterior shots of Rick’s house were filmed on the 800 block of Cherokee Avenue, right across the street from Grant Park.

Morgan Jones’ House – Atlanta, Georgia

Rick nearly met his end after exiting the hospital to find an apocalypse, but Morgan and his son saved his life. The exterior of the home was filmed at 373 Ormond Street SE. Just remember, this is someone’s home and you need to be respectful of privacy.

The Walking Dead Atlanta Highway

The Atlanta Highway – Atlanta, Georgia

It’s the scene that became the poster child for the series. As Rick rides into the city, hopeful to find his family in a rumored refugee center, viewers get a shot of the city shambles with the outbound lanes eerily jammed with empty, abandoned cars. Head to 170 Jackson St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312

The Tank – Atlanta, Georgia

Rick rides in to find the city is overrun with walkers. The British Chieftain tank sat at Forsyth St NW & Walton St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 and became a savior as main character found himself surrounded by hordes of hungry, flesh-eating biters.

The Campsite – Atlanta, Georgia

Rick finally finds his family, after Glen saves him from the tank-tomb and takes him back to the campsite. It’s actually located at Bellwood Quarry. Little Carl and Shane also hunt for frogs here. You’ll find it off of Lois Street Northwest.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Atlanta, Georgia

Rick and his band of fellow survivors head to the CDC in hopes on answers or shelter. The actual CDC is in Atlanta, but the building used in the show is actually Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. You can swing by and see it at 2800 Cobb Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339, but the interior shots were filmed at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Note that there are several more filming locations that still exist, but are not listed because they aren’t easily visited. For example, the abandoned building shown in ‘Vatos’ where Rick, T-Dog, and Daryl rescue Glenn from is still standing, but has been blocked off.

Stay tuned for more of The Walking Dead Filming Locations You Can Visit. We will post and link the rest of the seasons locations as they become available.