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Head Back To School with Peanuts: Win A Snoopy Lunchbox and Thermos #GIVEAWAY


Head Back To School with Peanuts: Win A Snoopy Lunchbox and Thermos #GIVEAWAYSummer Vacation is officially over, and moms are gleefully sending their kids back to school in droves. But, before we can take them to the bus stop, and kick off the new school year, we have to go Back-To-School shopping, which has turned in to a wild holiday season all of its own. Some parents have even been referring to Back-To-School shopping as the Black Friday of September on social media, and we couldn’t agree with them more.

While it may be one of the most stressful shopping trips of the year for us, Back-To-School shopping is the highlight of Fall for our little ones. There is nothing cuter than watching them run up and down the school supply aisles, grabbing items on their supply list from their teachers. Then, we have to pick out their new school sneakers, outfits, and most importantly – backpacks and lunch pails.

When we were growing up, taking our lunch to school in a paper bag was perfectly acceptable, and “the norm.” Now, the elementary cafeteria has turned in to a lunch pail runway fashion show on the first day of school, and our kids are VERY serious when they are picking out their new lunch pails, and which character will be on it.

As you all know by now, my nephew Jayden is a HUGE fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts characters, and I shamelessly support his obsession because I love that we share a common interest. It’s amazing that despite the age gap, Jayden and I can bond over a cartoon character that we both loved. And, it’s nice to be able to enjoy cartoons with him, and have something to chat about.

Head Back To School with Peanuts: Win A Snoopy Lunchbox and Thermos #GIVEAWAYOf course, my nephew Jayden is heading back to school this year with a Snoopy lunch pail, and it is absolutely adorable! (I’m secretly a little jealous). Thermos-brand unrolled some awesome new Peanuts themed lunch pails this year, and I have complete faith in the durable brand, no matter how many times it gets crammed in his backpack or swung around – I know it’ll withstand the test of an elementary schooler. It also has two compartments, to ensure his sandwiches don’t get crushed, and is well insulated for those extra hot September afternoons.

I think I am going to go get another tumbler for myself, it would make the perfect coffee mug while I am working on the computer. Sure, I may not leave home to work, nor do I have to make a rough commute, but I’m a bit on the clumsy side and I am in love with how spill-proof it is!

Along with Jayden’s Snoopy lunch pail, he also got a matching tumbler/thermos from Tervis. The super cute 16 oz. cup is decorated with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock graphics and matches his lunch pail perfectly. It has TWO linings of insulation, ensuring that hot drinks will stay hot and cold drinks will stay cold. Jayden isn’t much of a soup eater (which is a shame because this tumbler would be perfect for it), but at least I know it will keep his chocolate milk nice and cold all day long. And, it’s dishwasher safe, so I don’t have to worry about trying to scrub it!


If you still haven’t completed your Back-To-School shopping and have been frantically searching for the perfect lunch pail for your little one, then you are in luck! In honor of Fall and Back-To-School season, we will be raffling off a Peanuts lunchpail and adorable Charlie Brown tumbler right here! A winner will be selected from the drawing below!

Please read the rules and don’t forget to enter in to our Peanuts Back-To-School contest, and let us know what your favorite part of Back-To-School shopping is in the comments below!

PRIZE: The winner of the giveaway will receive:  (1) Thermos-brand lunchbox kit featuring a giggly Snoopy and Woodstock and (1) Tervis-brand Peanuts 16-ounce wrap tumbler with lid.

RULES: Giveaway is open to US and CANADA, ages 18+ years of age .

The giveaway ends on 09/09/16

I will notify the winner by e-mail and you have 48-hours to respond or I will have to choose another winner.  Good Luck!!

Simply follow the Rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win. Be sure to return tomorrow to complete the daily entries. It takes a bit of time for the Rafflecoppter to come up, so don’t rush away.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DisclosureI am a Peanuts Brand Ambassador and was provided with gifts as a participant in this promotion. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Jen says

    Aw who doesn’t love Snoopy? What a great giveaway. It’s crazy how back to school has suddenly become such a huge shopping season. I used to do all mine in early July if I could or I would buy it all from Amazon, 😉

  2. Laura says

    I like A Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Loved watching that growing up!

  3. Allyson becker says

    My favorite Peanuts moment always involves the Flying Ace. But I also love the skating scene in Charlie Brown Christmas. And I love when Linus waits in the Pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin…

  4. Amy Heffernan says

    I always loved when snoopy hugged charlie brown!

  5. Elizabeth Robinson says

    I love Charlie Browns Christmas Tree.

  6. Amy Orvin says

    My favorite Peanuts moment was when I saw the Peanuts Christmas movie for the first time when I was a kid. I enjoyed it so much and still watch it every year.

  7. Heather says

    I love snoopy. Thank heavens for the new movie because now my kids no him too!

  8. Gingermommy says

    Oh I love Peanuts! Such a fun set for back to school! I would want this for myself haha

  9. Jeanine says

    So cute! Who doesn’t adore Peanuts! I am loving the thermos. i would for sure keep that to myself!

  10. Debbie Welchert says

    My favorite Peanuts moment is remembering watching the Peanuts Great Pumpkin with my daughter when she was little many years ago and seeing how much she enjoyed it.

  11. Darlene Carbajal says

    I love watching the Peanuts movie!

  12. Marcia Goss says

    I always like it when Shroeder plays the piano.

  13. Carolsue says

    My favorite Peanuts moment was watching with my daughter the first time she saw a Peanuts movie! She loved it!

  14. Terry Poage says

    While I
    was growing up my Mom always let us watch the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. We even have one of those fake Charlie Brown trees we put out every year.

  15. Amber Nelson says

    You definitely can not go wrong with Snoopy! Snoopy is such a classic. Love that lunchbox!

  16. Lisa Rios says

    Back to school is right on the cards to keep us busy all the way. Snoopy is so much favorite with kids anytime and the lunchbox package looks quiet amazing for sure.

  17. Toughcookiemommy says

    This Snoopy lunch pail is so adorable. I cannot wait to hear about my sons’ first day of school. I hope they have a great year.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a great giveaway. My kids love the Peanuts gang. It would be great to have a snoopy lunch bag.

  19. Candace Galan says

    The first time I watched the Great Pumpkin and I was hooked! My fave movie!

  20. Michael Madden says

    Snoopy is definitely the best character!

  21. Katelin pauer says

    Charlie Brown is my favorite!

  22. Rija says

    We love Peanuts ! Charlie Brown Christmas movie is my family’s favorite !

  23. Lesley F says

    Going to see Peanuts movies with my sister when we were growing up always brings back good memories

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