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Best Seating on a Plane: A Guide to Picking the Safest, Smoothest Ride, or Quietest Seat


Best Seating on a Plane: A Guide to Picking the Safest, Smoothest Ride, or Quietest Seat

Believe it or not, but where you sit on a plane matters. It’s not just about snagging a seat that doesn’t have a personal space ignoring neighbor who wants to nap on your shoulder. Finding the Best Seating on a Plane is an art and this guide to picking the safest, smoothest ride, or quietest seat will ensure you are comfortable during your flight.

Safest Seat

If safety is your main concern, there are certain seats that you will to snag. Popular Mechanics discovered that those passengers who sit near the tail of the plane are 40% more likely to survive plane crashes than the passengers sitting in the first few rows. Make sure you sit behind the trailing edge o the wings – not over the wings – to secure the highest survival rates.

Smoothest Ride

If turbulence bothers you, sit over the wings to limit the chance of the bumpy ride according to Dr. Quay Snyder, president, CEO and co-founder of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service. The front and rear of the plane tends to bounce more than the center of the aircraft.

Quietest Seat

To avoid engine noise, head to the front of the plane, but stay away from the lavatory or the flight attendant’s area. The bustling of the toilet or staff prepping the snack cart will be a sleep-depriving distraction. Opt for the window seats to avoid neighbors trying to crawl over you to get to the loo.

What are your tips for snagging a prime spot? Share your tricks to picking the safest seat, smoothest ride, or quietest seat in the comment section below.

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Best Seating on a Plane: A Guide to Picking the Safest, Smoothest Ride, or Quietest Seat

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  1. Ayesha takia says

    Its sounds good after reading your post,the comfort zone providing to the people.Next time definitely try this…thanks for sharing..

  2. ricci says

    My favorite seat on a plane is the one by the exit door, that way you have more leg room!! I have sat in the back of the plane a few times too and it wasn’t bad!

  3. Alli Smith says

    My favorite seat on the plane is in first/business class. It’s hard to go back to coach. 🙂 If I do fly coach, I always try to snag an exit seat – preferably the first seat in coach. I’m tall and I love being able to stretch my legs.

  4. Franc Ramon says

    I prefer window seat because I don’t need to move out of my seat everytime my seatmate wants to go to the rest room. I think I better take the back seat from now on, to increase my survival on plane crashes.

  5. Sarah says

    What a neat post, I never thought about which seat on a plan would be most comfortable, safest and smoothest. These are all great tidbits of info. I appreciate this info for me to know when I fly next time.

  6. Clara says

    You hit all the reasons I don’t travel much anymore, but that may change thanks to these tips. Much appreciated!

  7. Christy Maurer says

    I have been in several areas of the plane, and I do like the back the best! It’s good to know it is a safe place…also close to the bathrooms lol.

  8. Heather S-G says

    I always look up the kind of plane that I’m taking for each flight, then check the available seats. Then I look up the reviews on that kind of plane/airline. Usually gets me a pretty good spot if there are actually seats to choose from!

  9. Jamie H says

    This is really interesting, and honestly not something I’ve thought about before. But it’s actually really helpful, since I suffer from motion sickness. Guess I’d better make sure to try and get over the wings the next time I fly!

  10. lisa says

    I honestly don’t mind what seat I get as long as it’s a window seat. And I’m usually traveling with 5 other people so we get 2 whole rows to ourselves.

  11. Liz Mays says

    This is a really clever guide. I should start planning my seating according to my preferences!

  12. Bella says

    I am usually pretty happy with my seat as long as its a window seat. These are great things to know for the next time I fly.

  13. Amanda Love says

    These are pretty good tips especially for people who are flying for the first time. It’s always awesome to know where to sit to make sure you have a good flight that’s less stressful and hassle free.

  14. Jenny says

    I always somehow manage to get a seat right behind or on the wings and i have to say, turbulence is just as scary there. I hate flying because of turbulence!

  15. Dana says

    I love the window seat or the aisle if there isn’t a window available. 🙂 When I travel with the kids, we usually get the window and middle (and guess who gets stuck in the middle?)

  16. rebekah says

    Ok I had always wondered about this. I will be flying next month, so I am going to remember this post for sure 🙂

  17. Bonnie @wemake7 says

    I’ve never been on a plane before. This is a really great and helpful guide.

  18. rika says

    My favorite tv show is Air Investigation. You’re right.. passengers who sit near the tail will increase their survival chance

  19. Jasmine Watts says

    I have never thought of this but next time will definitely try to get seat most comfortable and safest. Thanks for your tips!

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