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Cruise Travel Hacks – Save Money and Reduce Stress

Cruise Travel Hacks – Save Money and Reduce StressIf you’re a cruise-lover, make sure you pin this post to your Pinterest board. These cruise travel hacks will come in handy and hopefully save you some money and reduce stress.

  • Feeling seasick and you forgot your motion sickness pills? Ask for a bit of ginger from the kitchen. It’s a natural remedy for upset stomachs and most boats will provide it for free.

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  • Make your own excursion. Often, the ship boasts discounted excursion opportunities, but they may not be the best deal out there. Do you own research on reputable companies offering experiences you are interested in. Even better, if you’re already traveling with a group, you can get your own multi-person discount.
  • Some cruise lines have finicky BYOB policies. Check your ship’s policy for bringing your own alcohol. Save yourself the corkage fee and bring your own corkscrew or purchase twist-off topped bottles.
  • Never purchase souvenirs from the boat at the start of a trip. Always wait until the last day to buy anything from the boat as lines typically start discounts that increase as the trip ends. For example, that sweatshirt you have your eye on may start at $30 on the day you board, but the day your cruise ends it’s not uncommon to see the price slashed to $5.
  • Internet connection is limited and spotty on a cruise. Typically, there are packages you can buy to connect, but some boats offer significantly cheaper Social Media packages that allow you to access things like Facebook and Instagram. So, if you’re just looking to share your experience as you go, try to ask about cheaper packages that may not be advertised. When you disembark, look for internet cafes or ask the crew for the best free connection spots.

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  • For booking future cruises, consider the promotions being offered on board your cruise that usually offer perks like onboard credits to spend on your next cruise.

Do you have any cruise travel hacks that save you money or stress? Please share your tips in the comment section below.

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