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Experience Something Magical – VIP Colosseum at Night Tour With #TheRomanGuy

Experience Something Magical - VIP Colosseum at Night Tour With #TheRomanGuyRome is by far one of the most romantic cities in the world.  There’s nothing like walking hand in hand with your husband or wife through the beautiful streets, smelling the delicious pasta, listening to the Italian street music, and of course sightseeing beautiful monuments and architecture that has withstood the test of time.  It may sound corny, but I constantly tell my friends that every time my husband and I travel to Rome, we fall in love all over again.

I have traveled to Italy several times over the years and visited the Colosseum on multiple occasions, but my last trip to the beautiful historical site was the best yet because it was at night!

Like any other major travel destination, the Colosseum is always buzzing with tourists and crowds and it can be difficult to really explore the beautiful piece of Italian history.  During our last trip to Rome, we decided to book a VIP tour of the Colosseum…after dark.  And, I felt like I was seeing it for the first time all over again, and noticing new things I never noticed in the daylight!

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I am constantly raving about my tours with The Roman Guy, and I can’t say enough about their amazing guides and service.  Considering the fact that I am a seasoned traveler, and have been to Rome multiple times, it may sound silly that I book tours rather than saving a couple of dollars and navigating through the city myself.  But, the tours more than pay for themselves in the long run, not only do they save me a ton of stress, they also give us VIP treatment and we get to skip the lengthy lines at museums and other tourist sites.

During our most recent trip to Italy, while checking out their new tours on their website, my husband and I thought that it would be fun to book their VIP Colosseum at Night Tour, and I am so glad that we did!

This summer was a scorcher in Italy, and it was exhausting stepping out into the hot sun during the day.  However, once the sun goes down and the crowds die out, the breeze is absolutely perfect for sightseeing.

The Roman Guy’s VIP Colosseum at Night Tour was roughly 2 hours long and covered more of the Colosseum than we were ever able to access during the day because of the crowds, we even got to check out the underground and arena floor!

Experience Something Magical - VIP Colosseum at Night Tour With #TheRomanGuy

Our Colosseum Night Tour kicked off at the Piazza Venezia, where we met our guide from The Roman Guy.  He was amazing and packed full of interesting details.  Our guide truly brought the ancient city of Rome back to life with his detailed descriptions.  We were able to snap some perfect photos of the Roman Forum by moonlight.  I have thousands of photos from Rome over the years, and these are hands down the best ones that I have ever taken and I can’t wait to get them printed and framed.

We took a leisurely walk down Via Dei Fori Imperiali en route to the Colosseum, and the view down of the ancient Roman ruins were breathtaking.    Our guide kept us completely enthralled with his story-telling, and detailed retellings of the ancient emperors that used to walk the very same street that we walked!

Once we arrived at the Colosseum, my husband was like a giddy school girl when he realized that our Roman Guy Tour included exclusive VIP access to the underground area or dungeon where wild animals and dangerous men were held prior to the gladiator fights.  It’s truly an eerie feeling when you realize that you are standing on the same grounds where men were held in cages right next to lions and other beasts, taking in their final breaths before they fought to their deaths.

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Our guide from The Roman Guy actually gave us a hands-on demonstration of the reconstructed trap-door that was used to hoist wild animals on to the main arena floor from the underground area during Arena battles.

The atmosphere during our VIP Colosseum at Night Tour was indescribable.  The moonlight and summer breeze was perfect, and the shadowy Colosseum was rich with history.  My husband and I held hands all the way home, and we knew that we had experienced something magical that night that would be impossible to ever duplicate no matter how hard we tried, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Rome, Italy is the perfect place to take a romantic vacation with your significant other.  And, if you’re traveling during the summer, I highly recommend booking a night tour with The Roman Guy.  Of course, they have dozens of tours available during the day as well.  I am never disappointed with my Roman Guy Tours, and every time I travel to Italy they manage to far exceed any expectations that I had.

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