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Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!


Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!Italy is the food capital of the world. Who doesn’t love Italian food? When my husband and I make our annual trip to Italy, I would be lying if I said I didn’t eat half of my body weight while we were there. We eat like royalty when we are in Italy, and binge on authentic pasta, wine, gelato, and fresh dishes packed full of natural Italian herbs and veggies.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Italy, chances are you aren’t going just for the food, but let’s be honest – it’s at the top of your list of priorities. And, hey we don’t blame you! But, if you are an Italy first-timer, then all of the menu choices and various restaurants and markets can be a bit overwhelming, especially with the language barrier.

Food tours are all the rage in Italy right now. Who wouldn’t love being led through the Italian streets by a pro who lets you stop for snacks and wine every five minutes and knows all of the good places to dine at and what to get off the menu?

Venice is one of the hardest places to avoid the tourist traps. You either risk getting completely lost down the backstreets while hunting for authenticity, or you settle for average and sometimes even microwaved food.

Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!

The Roman Guy currently has a Venice Food Tour that is to die for, and an absolute must for anyone traveling to Italy. The guides from The Roman Guy are absolutely amazing, my husband and I always make it a point to book a few tours with them when we are in Italy, and they make our vacation a trip of a lifetime. The Roman Guy doesn’t just cover museums and art exhibits though, they have so much more to offer, including fun and local itineraries like their Venice Food Tour.

If you are a diehard foodie, then you know that Venice is the holy grail of food, and a must-stop when you are visiting Italy. The magical city is packed full of fresh markets, amazing restaurants, and mouth-watering cafes and shops that you might not ever find without the help of a knowledgeable guide.

The Roman Guy’s Venice Food Tour covers it all! The 2.5-hour walking tour will be led by a Venice native who will happily share some of their culture with you. The tour kicks off at a local Bacaro or wine bar. And, once you have tasted wine from Prosecco, nothing will ever compare! The Bacaros in Venice also serve neverending Chichetti, which is basically small snacks like cheese, crackers, or even tiny meatballs. In case you weren’t aware, in Italy wine is a staple, so naturally, you need some appetizers to soak up all the alcohol!

Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!

After you fill up on wine and yummy snacks, The Roman Guy includes a gondola ride in this tour! The gondola ride is a great value because it is very expensive to get on a gondola in Venice. Although this ride is certainly not as long or romantic as some are it still gives you a little experience, especially if you’d prefer to spend your money on food and drink instead of romantic boat rides. So you and your group board an authentic gondola to cross the Venice Canal and head to the local fish market. The fish business is a huge part of the Venice culture and their diet.

Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!

Of course, after your trip to the market, you will need to stop at another Bacaro and take a little break before you continue your tour. At the second wine bar, your guide will introduce you to the wonderful world of Spritz, another popular Italian drink.

Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!

Next up on the Venice Food tour is lunch of course, and luckily for you, your guide will be able to point you towards some amazing local eateries and even be able to help you order. The Venice Food tour ends with a cold and delicious treat, authentic Italian gelato! And contrary to popular belief, gelato is NOT just ice cream, it’s so much better!

Venice Delicious Food Tour With Charming Gondola Ride: Great Travel Tour With The Roman Guy!

The Roman Guy tours are ridiculously affordable, regardless of what kind of travel budget you are on. And the guides really know their stuff! Italian food is truly life-changing, and after 2.5 hours of touring the wine bars and restaurants in Venice, you won’t ever want to leave! If you are planning an upcoming trip to Italy, I highly recommend heading over to the Roman Guy’s official website and booking your Venice Food tour and gondola ride now!

To Book, your “Local Venice Food Tour with Gondola Ride” GO HERE!

DisclosureI am a The Roman Guy Brand Ambassador no compensation was received for this post. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. robin rue says

    That sounds like such a fun tour. I totally want to go see the Roman Guy!

  2. Bill Sweeney says

    I would love to do this with my wife. It sounds like a great time, and I would be in brownie points for the rest of my life.

  3. Melissa Chapman says

    The roman guy sounds like the ultimate guide to food in Italy. I have got to try that gelato and a gondola ride if I get there.

  4. Liz Mays says

    This sounds like such a cool way to experience Venice. I’d love to plan a trip with my daughter and go with this tour!

  5. Pam Wattenbarger says

    Oh! I have always wanted to go to Italy. It’s on my bucket list. I would love to meet the Roman Guy!

  6. Rachee says

    I would be rolling through Venice after eating such delicious treats! Your trip looks amazing and I appreciate being able to share it!

  7. Seattle Travel Blogger says

    Venice certainly looks like an awesome destination.
    I like your pictures very much.
    This should be on our list – I know my husband has mentioned it a few times.

  8. Marcie W. says

    Now this is my type of tour! Venice is high on my bucket list and the food is one of the main reasons why. An experience like this would be a dream come true!

  9. Amanda Love says

    This food tour sounds amazing and it would be nice to be part of it when you’re in Venice! There’s so much to explore and if you don’t know where to start, a tour can always be the perfect solution.

  10. Angela Milnes says

    Wow. Sounds like an amazing tour and I want to experience Venice food too with my husband. I love to go there soon

  11. candy says

    Italy is on my list to see, especially Vatican City. Want to go down south of Italy and take in the beautiful countryside. Love the boat rides.

  12. candy says

    Italy is on my list to visit. We want to do Vatican City and go down southern part to the beautiful countryside. Boats rides are always fun.

  13. Joely Smith says

    Italy is on the list for my husband and my dream vacations. Yes, I will fully admit the food is a major reason. We also want to take a gondola ride. Until we can go – I really appreciate your virtual tour! Thank you!

  14. Jeni says

    Gondola’s, food, and ice cream? I’m pretty sure that right there is heaven. This is definitely on my bucket list, Gondola ride and all!

  15. ricci says

    Riding in a gondola in Venice is pretty much at the top of my travel bucket list. I love all of your photos!!!

  16. Oyinkan Ogunleye says

    Nothing like a food tour in Venice. I’d love to explore all of this. Sounds and looks amazing.

  17. OurFamilyWorld says

    What an amazing tour. Gondolas and great food… Who wouldn’t love that?

  18. TIm B says

    My parents took me to Venice when I was a toddler. They have pictures of me chasing pidgeons and riding in a gondala. Would appreciate going back as an adult so I could really enjoy the experience. I really enjoyed reading this post!

  19. Kathy says

    What a beautiful place to be. I have always wanted to visit Venice. I’m loving all these photos and the food looks amazing.

  20. Victoria Heckstall says

    What an amazing experience you had! I will make sure to add this place on my bucket list and bring my family.

  21. Kiwi says

    One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to eat! I love a good tour and a foodie tour would be amazing in Venice!

  22. Eloise says

    I ould LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE to go to Venice and try that amazing food, you’re sooo lucky! I’m going to have to start cracking on my travel/food bucket list ; )

  23. Misty Nelson Dawn says

    Sounds like you had an awesome experience there and looks a perfect place to bring my family.

  24. Our Family World says

    I love to go on a food tour in Venice! Oh goodness, that would be a dream come true for me. I should remember to check out The Roman Guy Food Tour with Gondola ride’s prices so we can include that in our trip planning. Thanks for the info!

  25. Mimi Green says

    The Venice Food Tour sounds incredible. I’m a fellow foodie and I love an opportunity to experience food I can’t get at home.

  26. Shannon Gurnee says

    I’ve heard amazing things about the food in Italy! I would love to try the pasta with their rich, creamy sauces and ice cream!

  27. Nicole Anderson says

    What a tremendous idea for a tour that combines the best Venice has to offer. We have Italy and Venice specifically in our future plans so we will definitely check out The Roman Guy. Would love to experience this.

  28. Heather Johnson says

    All that Italian food looks amazing, especially the gelato! What a fantastic experience to have on vacation!

  29. Neely Moldovan says

    Oh gosh this all sounds so amazing. I can’t wait to go to Italy one day and eat all the foods!

  30. Tami says

    Where there’s food I will follow! Sadly I have never been to Venice.

  31. Brandy says

    Now this looks like a fun time, I am always on the lookout for experiences we can have during our kid-free weekend adventures. I am going to have to make a close to home and away from home summer bucket list 😉

  32. Melanie Burbage says

    Oh wow, so much good looking food! Yumy! Looks like such a great trip to go on, and the food alone would make it special

  33. Marielle Altenor says

    Wow! You go to Italy annually? That’s is so amazing. I so envious right now lol Venice would be so fun to visit with my hubby!

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