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Family Vacation – Tips for Blended Family and Divorced Parents Traveling Together

Family Vacation - Tips for Blended Family and Divorced Parents Traveling Together

There is something magical about those memories of traveling, without or without Disney dreams. The long car rides and patience testing flights are worth every moment and can become some of the most treasured experiences. But what happens when a divorce or family changes create some challenges? The family vacation can still happen and these tips for a blended family and divorced parents traveling together can help.


The key to creating a peaceful trip is actually plenty of space. Don’t be tempted to save money by sharing rooms. Get separate rooms to ensure everyone has their spot to call their own in case they need a break. It will also put the financial responsibility in check.


Speaking of financial responsibility, keep plenty of space and separation there too. Nothing will start a fight faster than money. Agree from the start NOT to pick up the tab on anything for the other party. One the best tactics is to agree on a sum, say $500, for example that each parent will contribute to a pot that will pay for the kids’ meals, souvenirs, entertainment, and other expenses. After the trip whatever is left over is then evenly divided back between the parents. So, if only $400 of the pot was used, the remaining $100 would be divided between the parties who contributed to the pot.


While the goal is to spend plenty of time together as family, pick days in advance to have time apart. Whether it be alone time, time with the kids, or just some time without new friends and family, agree on those plans in advance. Everyone needs time and space on a vacation – blended family, divorced parent, or a traditional family.

What tips do you have traveling as a blended family or with parents who are divorced? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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