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Flight Attendants Reveal Some Juicy Flight Secrets

Flight Attendants Reveal Some Juicy Flight Secrets

There is something about the veil between airline employees and curious travelers. Several flight attendants revealed some juicy flight secrets and these confessions might surprise and concern you.

Thanks to Reddit, some of those in-the-know workers for various airlines shared several things that make great travel tips for those flying to their destination. Employees ranging from flight attendants to ticketing agents spilled details on what happens behind the scenes and shared flight secrets they wish passengers knew.


First, and foremost, safety is every passenger’s concern. The top-tip shared was from an attendant who stated that counting the number of rows to the closest emergency exit could be vital in various situations. If your vision is compromised, you will be able to feel your way to the exit quickly.

Beyond counting sets, another airline employee stated that instead of interlocking your fingers over your head when bracing for impact, you should place one hand over the other, which might save one hand from damage versus injuring both. Going even further to the wise safety tip, another added you should cover your dominant hand with your non-dominate hand.

Dirty Secrets

As for the juicy flight secrets…

Never eat directly off those tray tables. They are rarely sanitized and, according to several repeated statements from various airline employees, people change their baby’s diapers on those trays “all the time.”

Some are literal and appalling. It’s no secret that bodies are often transported with blissfully ignorant passengers. Cadavers for hospitals are often flown to various hospitals, and it’s not uncommon for carriers to “leak” fluids. I, for one, will now be wiping down my luggage!

Are you an airline employee? Share your tips and secrets in the comment section below.

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