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Hurricane Season – How to Travel and What to Expect as Hurricane Irma Hits


Hurricane Season - How to Travel and What to Expect as Hurricane Irma HitsIt’s hurricane season and that means hurricanes, tropical storms, or tropical depressions impacting travel plans. Here is how to travel and what to expect as Hurricane Irma hits. Also, note that tropical storm Jose is due to follow in the footsteps of Hurricane Irma and expected to be upgraded to hurricane status by Wednesday according to The Weather Channel.

The Atlantic is bracing for more damaging storms and a category 5 hurricane named Hurricane Irma. That means wind speeds over 157 mph. Category 5 hurricanes are rare and Irma is projected to pack a punch of wind speeds up to 180 mph. To put it in perspective, Hurricane Katrina was a category 5, but by the time it made landfall it weakened to a category 3. For the impacted areas, flooding was the major issue where wind is currently the main concern for Irma.

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So, how do you travel and what should you expect? Hurricane Irma is on the path towards the Caribbean and the Florida area. Parts of Florida including the Florida Keys have already begun evacuations as both Florida and South Carolina have declared a state of emergency. This season is predicted to be a very active hurricane season which began June 1 and continues through the end of November.

If you have plans for travel hot spots like Disney World and Universal Orlando, you might need to fall on your back up plan. In the interest of safety, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure have closed in the past due to weather, so it’s a strong chance Hurricane Irma might shut down the parks. Below is Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations™ Severe Weather Cancellation Policy…

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At Universal Orlando Resort, we know how important your vacation is to you and your family. And while we can guarantee an incredible vacation experience here at Universal Orlando, we unfortunately can’t make any guarantees about the weather.

If a hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center for the Orlando area or for your place of residence no more than 7 days before your scheduled arrival date, you can call in advance to cancel or reschedule your Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations hotel accommodations and Universal Orlando theme park tickets without any cancellation or change fees imposed. Additional elements including air, car rental or other theme park tickets are separate and not part of this policy.

This means you have an opportunity to adjust your plans without the fear of costly penalties at Universal Orlando. It would be wise to start contacting accommodations or any other locations where you have made plans now. Safety should always be your priority and if you’ve purchased any kind of travel or vacation insurance, you’ll need to check your policy terms in regards to weather coverage. Not all plans are created equal! If you wisely used a travel agent, they should be able to answer any and all questions you have.

We here at Tourist Meets Traveler encourage safety first at all times! Please be cautious and remember that money can be replaced, memories can be made another time, and your well-being should always be your first concern.

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Image credit: The Weather Channel

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  1. Rach Ferrucci says

    This hurricane is unbelievable! It seems like brands are understanding cancelling plans and not giving penalties. It’s really important to get those calls made asap!

  2. Theresa says

    I’m glad that companies are being understanding and not giving out penalties for cancellations due to the hurricane. I truly hope everyone in its path evacuates and gets to safety before it hits!

  3. Vera Sweeney says

    Irma is nuts! I haven’t seen a hurricane this big and nasty in over two decades, and of course, it’s hitting Florida again as a biggie. =(

  4. Meagan says

    We are prepping now. It’s kinda crazy to think that we will be dealing with it and all it has to offer. I just hope my house makes it..

  5. Liz Mays says

    I’m hoping this one doesn’t hit Florida too hard! This is helpful advice. I’m glad people are able to adjust their Florida plans in some cases.

  6. Kiwi says

    These hurricanes are no joke. I have a trip ironically to Miami to leave for a 6 day cruise and I am watching the news to see how bad things are going to get to see if I will have to reschedule.

  7. Travel Blogger says

    It is so important to be safe! It can be hard to know what to expect with such crazy weather patterns, but always better safe than sorry. You just don’t want to be caught in a hurricane.

  8. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I am so worried for all those in the path of Irma. My SIL has family in Miami. We are praying they get to his house in GA before it hits.

  9. AnnMarie John says

    I don’t really think it’s wise to travel when the weather forecast is already pretty scary. It’s definitely important to have a back up plan! These are very helpful tips.

  10. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place says

    It’s really important that we do our research about the weather although, sometimes it can’t be predicted which is why it helps to have a plan B. These are tips that will definitely help travelers prepare.

  11. Carol Cassara says

    My husband and I try no to travel during these months especially since we know it when the storms usually happen. I feel so worried for those are affected and those who are about to be hit by the hurricane as well.

  12. Shannon Gurnee says

    I have family and friends in Florida – specifically Kissimmee, Orlando and St. Cloud. I’ve been following the news and am super worried about them.

  13. Our Family World says

    Thanks for the information. It is always best to check on the weather, for safety reasons. There will be other days to go to Universal. We should always put the welfare of the children above all. Hope this Hurricane Irma would just dissipate!

  14. Brianne says

    This is such an important post right now. We have a lot of travel coming up and unfortunately I think the hurricanes have hit some of our destinations. So sad what is happening right now!

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