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3 BIG Reasons To Travel With Children – Plus HOT Money-Saving Tips

3 BIG Reasons To Travel With Children - Plus HOT Money-Saving Tips

Traveling with a family can be a rich and rewarding experience wrapped in stressful nightmares that often prevent people from traveling with kids. But these reasons to travel with children will make you rethink waiting to take your family on an adventure to explore the world at any age.

Most of my friends thought I was nuts taking my then 3-year-old daughter to Disney World. Most thought it was a “waste” of money guffawed that she won’t remember any of it. She is now 9 and has hazy memories of wandering off after a Disney princess and nearly giving me a heart attack. While she doesn’t remember the details, she does remember the feelings. We never hesitated taking her to Chicago, Florida, California, or any other travel hot spot when she was a toddler. Again, her memories may be brief and random, but she can seamlessly navigate Chicago’s busy streets or make a sandcastle on a beach with minimal drama. Just like you’d take your tot to the park, I packed up my family for every travel opportunity I could. You wouldn’t skip taking your kids to the zoo just because they won’t remember it, so why forgo travel experiences?

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Milestones Made Special

My youngest daughter, now 5, can boast the fact that she had her first haircut in Disney World. Her memory is jogged by the photo of her first haircut and the Pixie Dust in her hair. A HOT Disney money-saving tip – instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, try the Harmony Barber Shop tucked away in Disney World’s Town Square. The First Haircut package is $25 and comes with a set of classic Mickey Ears, a certificate, and a cut with updo! You’ll need to make an appointment before you go, but it’s easier to score a time slot especially if you’re a last minute planner.

Flexing Travel Muscle

Traveling can be challenging. Getting used to plane rides, developing patience for road trips, and hiking through nature or the concrete jungle of a bit city requires time and experience. Waiting to get your kids used to the demands of travel can have its downfalls, but the benefits are nearly endless! Routine is great for kids, but so is adaptability. Flexing their travel muscles will enable them to be flexible and open to new situations. Hot Tip – If you want to make that plane ride a little easier, don’t be tempted to whip out your credit card aboard the plane. Get your snacks, beverages, and entertainment outside of the airport. Even better, if you butter up the flight staff with a small gift of gourmet chocolates with a note thanking them in advance for their patience with kids, you might get some special thank you treats in return.

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Thirst For New Adventures

My family makes a yearly pilgrimage to Florida. We can’t get enough of Universal Studios Orlando, and with beaches, Disney, and resorts dotting the state, it’s hard to resist! But, over time, my kids have grown to want to venture out beyond attractions. They want to find the “new adventure” which is a great way to experience different cultures, try new foods, and even learn a little something. Thanks to a trip to New York and Pennsylvania, when my middle school aged son covered the September 11th unit in school, he had hands-on knowledge. Kids absorb more than we give them credit for, so travel at any age is beneficial. Hot Tip – Don’t forget first-time discounts and perks along with birthdays or special events. Some resorts, attractions, and restaurants offer small perks for first timers or those celebrating something special. Mention your situation and you might get a small treat. For example. Disney fans can get a free birthday button that occasionally gets you freebies or lets you skip the line.

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