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Traveling With Kids – Tips and Secrets from an Airline Attendant

Traveling With Kids – Tips and Secrets from an Airline Attendant

Traveling With Kids can be a challenge, but these tips and secrets from an attendant will help you avoid meltdowns and conquer stress. Save your sanity and make your family trip a success by being prepared and taking advantage of suggestions from an airline pro.

Boredom Buster

Breakdown the boredom blues by breaking up the flight into segments. Have a plan for each segment of the flight. Start with snacks and end with snacks. Make sure books are in your arsenal of entertainment whether your child reads it or you read to your child. Do this during the middle segment hour of your flight and you might be able to lull junior to sleep. End with a movie or show then the final snack.

Soothe Ear Pain

The noise of the plane can be a pain, let alone the pressure. Make sure you are toting chewy snacks like gum, nuts, or jerky. For babies, let them eat or have their pacifier during takeoff and landing so it encourages their sucking action, which helps alleviate the pressure buildup. Also check out EarPlanes for Kids and Smaller Ears to reduce pressure and noise simultaneously.

Board Early

While I am a big fan of waiting until the last minute to board a plane to avoid getting squished, stepped on, and spend the least amount of time cramped on a plane – that strategy doesn’t work well with families. Board early, especially if you don’t have assigned seats. Most airlines are switching to a first come, first serve seating basis, which means you could be split up from your family. If you have assigned seats – which often come with an extra fee – put off boarding as long as possible.

Cockpit Visit

If your tot wants to visit the cockpit, make sure you wait until the post-takeoff portion of your flight when the fasten seat belts light has gone off. Flag down a flight attendant, making sure you aren’t bugging them during drink service, and ask BEFORE you promise your kids a trip to see the cockpit.

To Pack or Not to Pack in Your Carry-On

PACK – Bring fresh whole fruits like apples and oranges, liquid medication you have a doctor’s note for, formula or breast milk, juice, and milk, but note they will be subject to screening and you might be asked to transfer liquids to a different container.

NOT TO PACK – Yogurt, pudding, bubbles, peanut butter and/or jelly, sports gear

What are your favorite tips when flying with kids? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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