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Cinco de Mayo Travel Ideas


Cinco de Mayo Travel IdeasAll across the US and Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is fiesta time for celebrants of all nationalities. If everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, then everyone is a lot Mexican on the 5th of May!

On May 5, 1862, outmanned Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza kept the town of Puebla, Mexico safe against a fierce French army. Although Cinco de Mayo is not the official day of Mexican independence, over time it has come to symbolize the potent blend of Mexican heritage and pride.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are fantastic venues in which to witness traditional folklorico dancers, listen to the brassy sounds of a mariachi band, or just enjoy the authentic flavors of traditional Mexican food. Here are a few of the best festivals to consider downing an ice cold margarita come May 5.

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Since beautiful San Diego is a gateway city into Mexico, it makes sense that its Cinco de Mayo celebrations are lengthy and legendary. The coastal town puts on a two-day fiesta at three distinct venues, with an emphasis on being family-friendly. There is a dedicated children’s stage, as well as strolling Mexican bands ready to serenade at the drop of a peso! Visitors definitely won’t want to miss the fiesta’s faithful and detailed depiction of the Battle of Puebla.

Every year thousands of revelers travel to Portland, Oregon where the Cinco de Mayo festivities carry on over the course of three days. Tourists are treated to traditional Mexican mariachi bands as well modern music concerts. Mexican folklorico dancing takes place on several stages and there is no shortage of
vibrant Mexican food, with fresh seafood a featured ingredient.

With its considerable Mexican-American population, the great state of Texas offers several muy authentico Cinco de Mayo experiences. The celebration in San Antonio, home of the Alamo, is worth a visit for travelers looking to take in a bit of history with their margaritas! San Antonio’s Market Square is where all the action takes place, including Tex-Mex food, concerts, and Mexican folk dancing, on May 5.

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Cinco de Mayo in Chicago is supersized, and it’s where the annual Chicago Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl is a big-ticket draw for those over 21. If you’re more into the delicioso flavors of Mexico, Chi-town has an abundance of Mexican eateries, and picnickers can opt for an open-air experience at the annual parade held on Sacramento Drive in Lawndale.

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Would you expect the City of Angels to throw anything less than a spectacular, blowout Cinco de Mayo celebration? Los Angeles’ multi-day May 5th gala, known as Fiesta Broadway, is one of the nation’s biggest celebrations. Traditional dancing and singing events take place throughout the city, but El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument is the place to celebrate in style. The monument is adorned to the hilt with Mexican flags and decorations, and traditional storytellers regale visitors with Mexican folk tales. The city’s extravagant offering is a terrific way for guests learn more about Mexican history and culture.

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  1. Milan shah says

    This was well written post about travel ideas..i like travelling..appreciate for your sharing.

  2. Trisha Lyn Fawver says

    Cinco de Mayo is on a Friday this year… can’t travel, but will definitely enjoy some cervezas!

  3. Robin Rue says

    I don’t celebrate this holiday, but someday I plan on moving to San Diego and I am sure they have a nice celebration there.

  4. Ladies Pass It On says

    I am so LOVING all the celebratory props! I love a good national holiday – who doesn’t! Great ideas x

  5. Tara pittman says

    Love celebrating Cino De Mayo! No need for me to travel as I live in New Mexico.

  6. Michelle Gwynn Jones says

    I was in LA a few years ago for the holiday, what a blast. This year I’ll be at home, but already planning a yummy menu.

  7. Karen Jolly says

    I love travelling! In fact I am planning to set out next month. This post is a great help for my preparation.

  8. Ana De- Jesus says

    Oooh San Diego would be perfect to travel to, especially since it is described as the ‘gateway to Mexico’. Cinco De Mayo sounds like a great celebration x

  9. Michelle Waller says

    I never thought of traveling for Cinco de Mayo. These are really great ideas.

  10. gingermommyrants says

    Cinco de Mayo in Chicago sounds like a ton of fun. These are all great travel ideas. We are going to have a Cinco de Mayo dinner party.

  11. Coralie says

    I always love to have a small party with my family and teach them more about these traditions. Someday when they are all older I would love to travel with them. These are great ideas.

  12. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s nice to be able to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the family especially now that the kids are grown up. It’s easier to take them to travel destinations.

  13. Carol Cassara says

    I love to travel and so does my husband. It would be nice to attend a Cinco De Mayo celebration that’s not within our usual area! Awesome ideas!

  14. Mauie says

    Thanks for sharing travel ideas. Thanks for sharing information about Cinco de Mayo, too.

  15. Hannah Marie says

    This is the first time I’ve heard about it and this post is so informative. I think Cinco De Mayo is fun that most of us want to experience.

  16. Angela Milnes says

    Honestly, This is the first time that I heard Cinco De Mayo I bet that is so much fun and perfect time to travel.

  17. Rosey says

    These are all good tips. And WOW the year is going by fast!

  18. Claire santiago says

    Cinco de Mayo is a very important day for me – my birthday! I will join with US and Mexico in commemorating the 5th of May by having a Mexican themed birthday party. Thanks because this post gave me a nice idea.

  19. Wildish Jess says

    Chicago sounds like they know what’s up. I’m down for a pub crawl as long as it involves margaritas!

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