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Inflight WiFi Upgrades: Money-Saving Strategies and Get FREE Connection on This Airline

Inflight WiFi can be painfully slow and expensive. However, major airlines are working to improve the experience and these money-saving strategies will help you keep your cash. Even better, you can get a free WiFi connection on a specific airline. Keep reading to see which airline currently boasts the hot freebie.

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Major Upgrades

If you’ve ever tried to use the typical in-flight WiFi you’ll likely recall frustrations of trying to send out an email let alone stream a movie. Connection speeds in the air have been successfully tested up to 50Mbps according to the Wall Street Journal. The use of satellites and other new technology like Gogo’s 2Ku technology are making strides to make in-flight WiFi a true amenity.

Budget Airlines Connection

The big question travelers with limited travel funds are asking is whether or not budget airlines like Frontier will ever have the option for WiFi connectivity during their flights. The short answer is – someday. Eventually, inflight WiFi will be commonplace and, of course, available for a fee. Currently, budget airlines stripping the cost of ticket prices in an a la carte style aren’t interested in the amenity. The cost of providing internet connection on planes is just too hefty and as Frontier’s website states, “We would rather pass the cost-savings on to customers and offer the lowest possible fares.”

Save Money

Lines like Alaska Airlines have options that can save you money. A great strategy to avoid paying more than you need to is to do a little research before you board. Just like choosing your seat in advance, paying for the service in advance can save you cash. In addition to looking for pre-booked discounts, check out the various packages that select airlines offer. Weigh your options to see if purchasing a bundle will be easier on your wallet.

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Free Wifi

JetBlue is offering free WiFi and it’s the good stuff. Most lines use an air-to-ground technology. However, JetBlue has the newest and fastest Wi-Fi system available for planes the Ka-band. This service uses satellites which employees a radio transmitter applies 25 watts of power. To put it in perspective, the typical phone only uses about 2 watts.

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