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Martha Stewart’s Must-Pack Travel List: iPads and a Shahtoosh Top the List

Martha Stewart's Must-Pack Travel List: iPads and a Shahtoosh Top the ListIf you’re a picky packer or just need gift ideas for the traveler who seems to have everything, take a look at Martha Stewart’s must-pack travel list. You’ll find multiple iPads and a shahtoosh top the list of the host of ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’ on the go needs.

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After releasing her latest cookbook, ‘Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker,’ the model homemaker and entrepreneur revealed what she can’t travel without. A few necessities are pretty average, but you might be surprised to find Stewart has some other must-pack travel tips.


I always take a very comfortable shawl, a shahtoosh. They weigh almost nothing and they’re as warm as a down comforter. It’s paper thin, it goes through a wedding ring,” Martha admitted. Please note that after sharing her fondness for the look, Stewart “hastened to clarify” that the shawl she was speaking of is made from cashmere. An actual shatoosh uses the hair of an endangered Tibetan antelope, so Martha wanted to be clear on her stance.

Three iPads

One’s just for books, one’s for TV show series, and one’s for movies. I load them up with enough movies so that I have one per day,” Martha Stewart revealed. “I don’t sleep well on land so I like to watch movies in the night. I have three because I’m always running out of space. I don’t like erasing all my movies.

Workout gear

I take a workout outfit so I can go to the gym in the hotel, with good footwear. I oftentimes take my Pilates ring and my yoga strap and a block to do stuff in my room if there’s no gym. I work out every day when I travel.” What a great travel tip! You can always make time for fitness and working out it is a great way to combat jetlag.

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I bring all my own bath things. A lot of hotels put out soaps with so much perfume; they’re awful. I wish they would do unscented high-quality soaps and things. I always bring my own soaps, like Dr. Orentreich’s silicon soap and Mario Badescu’s A.H.A. soap.

Do you have something you travel with and can’t live without? Please feel free to share your travel necessities in the comment section below.

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