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Top 5 Fishing Destinations For This Summer

Top 5 Fishing Destinations For This SummerNothing quite compares to a long day out on the lake or an afternoon with your feet in the ocean. The only thing that makes it better is when you’ve got a fishing pole in your hand. Visit these five, fishing locations that will have you reeling for more.

The Amazon Basin

The Amazon river drains into a part of South America that is known as the Amazon Basin. This massive river basin is a part of eight countries and it covers an area of 2, 900,000 square miles. Experience several different countries and terrains while on the Amazon Basin and fish from one of the greatest varieties of species available to fish. There are reportedly around 2,500 different species of fish here and approximately 1,000 unknown species. If that’s not variety than I don’t know what is. The many different types of fish could be explained by the many environments in the Amazon Basin. Parts of the basin are covered by dense tropical forest, while some parts are slow moving and others are treacherous rapids. The Amazon Basin offers something to everyone.

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Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, Maine & New Hampshire

This incredible lake is over seven miles long and it expands over 7,000 acres. Interestingly, the lake is only approximately fifteen feet deep. Not only is this lake wide enough but there is a variety of fish to choose from. The species inhabiting Lake Umbagog are: the native brook trouts, the non-native landlocked salmon, the illegally introduced smallmouth bass, the landlocked variety of rainbow smelt, the native longnose sucker, the native brown bullhead, and countless others. The variety of fish and space is what draws many fishermen to this particular spot. In order to protect the wetlands and wildlife, the refuge was introduced in 1992.

Lake of the Woods, Canada

Join the legendary fishing and hunting here at Lake of the Woods. This lake is home to several secluded and private islands. There’s more than 65,000 miles of shoreline to choose from and numerous communities off the shore to visit and explore. The lake is a part of two Canadian provinces Ontario and Manitoba, as well as parts of Minnesota. Lake of the Woods is known for its tiny island where you can travel to and stay on. The lodges are a spectacular experience that will only add to your fishing trip. Several species keep the fishing a surprise including, Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike, Bass, Musky, Crappie, and Perch.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay in Alaska is known for its salmon. In fact, it’s known as the “Salmon factory of the world”. You can find five different species here: King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink and Silver Salmon, as well as seven types of freshwater species. Bristol Bay will not leave you wanting variety. Bristol Bay is such a popular fishing spot that there are designated areas for fly fishing and spin fishing. For example, there are several rivers off Bristol Bay that are designated for fly fishing. Another unique fact about Bristol is that it offers a variety of settings for every type of fisherman, including large and small rivers.

Key West, Florida

If you want to fish year-round this is a great option for a devoted fisherman. The water stays warm and offers up some pretty big game. Some species in the area are billfish, sailfish, blue marlin, wahoo, blackfin and yellowfin tuna. If you’re willing to venture out to the reefs, you can find various groupers, muttons, mangrove snappers, and cobia. If you’re really into big game you can join the shark hunters and snag a hammerhead, lemon, bull sharks, or even blacktips. Key West fishing may be for those looking for a little more excitement. Wrangling a shark can take more out of you than a day on the lake.

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Happy fishing!

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