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Things to Do with Your Kids on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day that we honor those who have lost their lives while serving their country. Younger kids may not understand why Memorial Day is celebrated, but there are some things you can do with them to teach them.

Fly the American flag- Fly the American flag in your yard to show respect to our military heroes. Older kids can learn not only how to fly the American flag, but how to fold one as well. Be sure you fly the flag at half-mast on Memorial Day, which symbolizes the country in mourning.

Visit a local cemetery- Most local cemeteries have graves that belong to our fallen heroes. Bring some flowers along and place them on headstones that don’t have any. While at the cemetery, explain to your kids how these soldiers died brave men and women, protecting the United States.

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Read a book- There are several good books out there for kids to read, or have read to them, teaching them about why we celebrate Memorial Day. Need some ideas? Check out Memorial Day Surprise by Theresa Martin Golding, The Wall by Eve Bunting or America: A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney.

Write a letter to a soldier overseas- Have the kids sit down and write a letter to a soldier who is stationed overseas, thanking them for their service and dedication. If you don’t know anyone specifically, there are some nonprofit organizations just for this. Check out Any Soldier and A Million Thanks.

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Help a veteran in the community- Most communities have veterans who are disabled or are widows of veterans. Spend time doing some of the things they can’t do, like gardening and house painting. You can also bring them a nice warm, home-cooked meal. You can even just sit with them and talk and keep them company.

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