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Memorial Day Travel – Tips and Advice for Holiday Weekend Traveling

Airlines Will Now Face Higher Penalties for Luggage Issues and Overbooking Flights

Memorial Day travel is going to be fun, family-packed, and, lets be honest, stressful. With the TSA experiencing a shortage in workers causing long delays, and stats suggesting this summer will see a surge in travel, travel this Memorial Day weekend might be a challenge. These tips and travel-savvy advice will help you prepare for holiday weekend traveling.

Leave Early

It’s still best to show up at least an hour or a little more ahead of your flight. At a small airport, there’s not as many people going through the checkpoint but if everybody shows up at the very last minute it’s very hard to get them all through,” David Hickling, the Commissioner of Aviation at the Binghamton Airport, explained.

The TSA issue has been causing long delays to the point people are missing flights. There’s no way around TSA, so you must allow plenty of time to get through security. Same thing goes for the roads, too. Prevent cases of road rage and stress induced by trying to get through traffic on a deadline.

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Be Prepared

Having your documents ready and handy, making a checklist of vital items, and being ready to go will not only save you time, but everyone else time too. No one likes the guy/gal who makes the wait longer because they can’t find their boarding pass or didn’t follow directions and failed to take their laptop out of its case. Pay attention, be ready, and quit scoffing at the fact you have to jump through hoops at security. Everyone has to do it, so don’t waste your time or anyone else’s complaining or digging for items you should have had at the ready.

Cram It In a Carry-On

Pack light. It’s a no-brainer. Avoid baggage fees, long lines, and lost luggage by only taking a carry-on. For a holiday weekend, it should be easy to put everything you need in the smaller luggage option. Make sure you research the acceptable dimensions of luggage with every airline you fly with. Currently, there is no industry standard and each airline can be different. So, that bag that was acceptable at Southwest Airlines, may be too big to allowed on as a carry-on at Frontier Airlines.

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Remember What Memorial Day is REALLY About

Some see Memorial Day as a long weekend, but it’s really about honoring those men and women that gave their lives for country, freedom, and rights. It’s important to enjoy your trip, but it’s seeing the value and sacrifice for those who gave everything so we could enjoy the beauty and liberty of a free country.