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5 Cruise Ship Employees Confess Cruising Secrets


Luxury Cruise Ship in Port

Thanks to employees who were kind enough to share their secrets, we have 5 cruise ship secrets that you will find amusing, interesting, or maybe just plain weird! Thanks to cruise ship staff, we now know what makes them cringe, what’s happening behind the scenes, and exactly what secrets the ship is keeping.

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Secret Bar

“We don’t want you to know that we actually have more fun than the guests. Sure we’ll work the big white hot party that you’re all going to, but once we finish our shift all hell is breaking loose in the crew bar.”

Softening the Stool

“The food has an extra bit of oil and fat in it to make your bowel movements soft. This is done to reduce the strain on the ship’s plumbing.”

Recycled Jokes

“We don’t want you to know that all those funny jokes we tell you at bingo? Yeah… Same ones are said every. Single. Cruise. That really funny answer you gave us about your wife during the happy couples game? Heard it. It was said last cruise and the one before that, and the one before that…”

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Brutal Honesty

“I don’t want to talk to you in port. I don’t know you. This is the only time off we have all week, and you’re forcing me to smile and pretend I give a fluffy bunny about your twelve-year-old getting her hair braided or your husband getting “lost” while you were shopping in Mexico.”

Final Destination

“There are morgues below deck and a jail cell. We get at least 3 deaths onboard a month. Some people go on a cruise to die.”

Of course, take these confessions with a grain of salt. Some employees may embellish, but it’s all in good fun! Have you ever worked in the travel industry? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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  1. OurFamilyWorld says

    I have never been on a cruise, but I would love to go one day. These are fun secrets to know. I was surprised to read about the morgue and the jail cell.

  2. Chubskulit Rose says

    Hmmmnn this is pretty interesting. I figured, after the guests are done, employees can have fun too!

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    I LOVE this! All of our lines are great to us, but those guys and gals have heard it ALL before. THAT makes me chuckle.

  4. Cyn says

    It makes sense that there would be a morgue and a jail below decks, but I certainly never thought of it before. That’s amazing and crazy all at the same time!

  5. ricci says

    I have never been on a cruise but these secrets are hilarious!!

  6. Vera Sweeney says

    Oh my gosh some of these are crazy!! It is amazing what people do on cruises that they wouldn’t do any were else.

  7. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey says

    These are very interesting revelations! We’ve never been on a cruise and I’d love to do a cruise for our next vacation. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a memorable experience for all of us!

  8. Kathy says

    I have never been on a cruise before. I sure hope that I can go on one someday. I think it would be an amazing experience. Great to know all these fun secrets too!

  9. ashley says

    Too funny! I’ve never been on a cruise before, but I’ve always wanted to go. Now, when I do, I’ll be wondering how many of these are true!

  10. Emma Spellman says

    The extra oil in food is pretty funny! That is one way to keep the pipes clean. Haha.

  11. Claudia Krusch says

    Some of these secrets are creepy! It is amazing to hear all that! I will never see a cruise the same way…..Love your post!

  12. Jennifer S says

    Death on a cruise? Thats totally creepy! Going to have to rethink cruises! LOL

  13. Kendall says

    I’m not at all surprised that the jokes are recycled! It happens in retail too!

  14. Lynndee says

    This is too funny! I’ve never been on a cruise yet, but I surely will keep these fun facts in mind. 🙂

  15. Laura Funk says

    Well the “some people go on a cruise to die” is mortifying! These are great little tidbits to share 🙂 Enjoyed every one of them

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have always wanted to go on a cruise. I had no idea about extra oil in the foods to make your bowels softer. I can imagine you have heard it all when it comes to jokes.

  17. Christy Garrett says

    I remember going on our cruise. It was an amazing experience. I would love to go again.

    That’s crazy that there is a morgue on ship. I had no idea. But I guess they have to keep the body from smelling.

  18. parpar de real says

    Never been in a cruise before but I wanted too if I have a chancep

  19. The Cubicle Chick says

    Now this is some honesty for you. I can’t believe that people go on cruises to die and that they have jail cells. I never thought of this. I guess they need it since they’re out to sea for long periods of time sometimes. – Yolo

  20. debra p says

    This is all so interesting. Things that I never thought of before. A bit weird no doubt, and oddly fascinating!

  21. Mommy Pehpot says

    Love reading something like this. It makes you understand them more.. and it really is fun reading and knowing their secrets! haha

  22. Travel Blogger says

    Oh my gosh morgue and a jail cell?! I cant decide if I’m intrigued or horrified. lol

  23. Jennifer Sikora says

    I don’t do morgues so I will definitely stay above the bottom floor! EW!

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