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Disney Cast Member Secrets Revealed

Disney Cast Member Secrets Revealed

Disney World is full of pixie dust, magic and – secrets. To keep the magical realm just that – magical – there are certain things that cast members have to remain quiet about. From fake bakery smells to Disney tunnels and even code words – the list is quite extensive. Here are some of the secrets of Disney World from actual cast members:

There aren’t any Sad Kids in Disney World

It’s thought to be bad publicity to have a child crying while in the parks; however, sometimes kid’s cry. If a cast member sees an unhappy child, they can invoke the no “sad kids” rule. This may be giving them a new ice cream or a themed toy. Their goal is to do whatever is necessary to return the smile to their face.

There’s No Pointing in Disney World

Cast members are not allowed to point. If they are giving directions, they have to use an open palm or two fingers. This is because pointing is rude in some cultures and these methods are much easier.

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Even their Fingernails Must have the “Disney” Look

There are special rules related to fingernails for cast members. It is required that all nails are clean and neat. Men’s nails can’t be any longer than his fingertips and women’s can’t be over a quarter of an inch.

Disney University is Real

Before acquiring a role as a cast member, everyone has to take the Traditions course at Disney University. This class teaches the history of Disney, the role the parks play and their role in preserving the magic.

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Disney Characters Don’t Know other Stories

The universe of Disney is quite insular. The characters don’t know about the world outside of Disney. They have never read Harry Potter or worn designer shoes. Characters will even say they have never heard of something outside of the Disney realm if asked by a visitor.

There are Tunnels Under the Magic Kingdom

Utilidoors are located under the park allowing everything to remain hidden from guests. This ensures none of the magic is lost.

As you can see, there are quite a few hidden secrets in the world of Disney. However, these just help to keep the magic as real as possible.

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