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Travel Tips and Hacks for Stress-Free Trips


Travel Tips and Hacks for Stress-Free Trips

When you are planning your adventure or actually enjoying the vacation, there are many factors you should consider. Make sure you take note of these travel tips and hacks for a stress-free trips.

Read REAL Reviews

Make sure you do your research and look at actual hotel reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Filter the reviews by negative feedback and the date the feedback was left. A mistake made a month ago may not be as huge of a factor in your future trip, but complaints left in recent weeks are more concerning. Also take note of how the facility responds as this is an indicator of how you will be treated if there is a problem.

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Look at REAL Photos

After you have read reviews, make sure you also filter out traveler photos. Often, hotels use photoshopping and staging to make the hotel as glossy and inviting as possible. Traveler-taken photos may not be a shiny, but they are honest. It’s best to know that bright and crisp photo of a hotel room is heavily altered before you arrive.

Be A Little Germ-Sensitive

Your trip can turn into a nightmare if you get sick. Don’t be afraid to pack some disinfecting wipes in a Ziploc storage bag to wipe your plane set and tray down along with light switches and surfaces in your hotel room. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Be Polite But Vocal

Waiting until the end of your stay to bring up any issues won’t get you anywhere. Make sure you give your hotel, restaurant, or attraction an opportunity to resolve any of your qualms. Take down the names of people you speak with along with the time you spoke with them. With facts in front of you, you’re more likely to get a better response if the problem persists.

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  1. Zim says

    We booked into a B&B once and were surprised to find no swimming pool as was shown in the brochures. Getting real photos is a must. Fortunately for us, we were passing through and not really there for vacation.

  2. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory says

    This is great advice… I am taking a trip soon and will be staying in a hotel and I can really apply your suggestions. I do try to be real nice when I bring up concerns… I find you get more with honey than vinegar! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liz Mays says

    I think looking at the date of the reviews is a good idea. I do like getting a realistic perspective by looking at photos taken by the average traveler too.

  4. Divya says

    Doing your research is crucial! There’s nothing worse than analysis paralysis while you’re abroad trying to soak up every minute!

  5. Neely Moldovan says

    So loving this. I hate when people are rude during travels. Being polite will get you far.

  6. Julie @ Running in a Skirt says

    I always try to find real pictures of the hotels! Makes all the difference to see what you are really booking.

  7. Mardene Carr says

    It is so important to research well before you travel. Being stranded in a strage country is so not cool

  8. Marielle Altenor says

    I love theses. I always read up reviews before going somewhere new. And you are right about the photos. I always look for the ones that are not done professionally to get a REAL sense of the place.

  9. Toughcookiemommy says

    I’m always germ sensitive when we travel. I definitely don’t want to get sick when I am away from home, not only because it will ruin my trip but because I don’t have my regular doctors there.

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