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Travel Hacks for Parents – Family Trips Made Easier


travel hacks - tourist meets traveler

These travel hacks for parents will make family trips so much easier. From protecting your car on road trips to making use of that wine tote, Tourist Meets Traveler has a list of trips, tricks, and hacks that will make your family vacation a breeze.

Beach Towel Trick

Towels, as any fan of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘ will know, is “the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” Beyond the fictional world, towels are insanely use from travel. Drape a beach towel over your car seats to protect your skin from hot seat belts or your upholstery from messes with ice cream. Towels can also double as blankets, pillows, a picnic blanket, and clean up tool. Plus, it takes up very little space.

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Wine Tote Organizer

Put that wine tote most stores give out complementary to wine buyers to organize toys, and snacks and other supplies. It will keep gadgets, games, and wires from getting lost. When you’re not using it, the fabric totes easily collapse and can be stowed just about anywhere.

Clever Coloring Hack

You will inevitably end up at a restaurant. Keeping kids entertained isn’t always an easy task. Try folding up the corners of their paper coloring menu or sheet to save yourself from playing a game of fetch the crayon. The makeshift tray will keep crayons from rolling away.

For Those Curious Wanderers

Write your cell phone number directly on your child’s belly. Use a felt-tip pen to gently write down vital information directly on your child before going through busy airports or entering the bustling theme parks. If you fear the pen might wash or rub off, trying putting the info on a piece of first-aid tape and sticking it on the inside of their shirt.

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Travel Night Lights

Pack glow sticks you can pick up affordably at your local dollar stores. Place them in the bathroom or next to your child’s bed so nighttime at an unfamiliar location won’t be as scary.

Easy Sandy Skin Solution

If you don’t want to drag sand into your car or accommodations and there is no water nearby, try sprinkling the skin with a generous amount of baby powder or cornstarch. It will whisk away easily as the powder instantly dries the skin.

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  1. Alicia Taylor says

    Love the baby powder trick. As an avid beach goer, all of your tips are familiar – but quite useful for novice beach bums. Gonna share it with my northern cousin visiting Florida for the first time.

  2. Monica says

    Love the idea of labeling the children with information and the baby powder. I’ll be using these on the Grandchildren…

  3. Liz Mays says

    Glow sticks for traveling? That is sheer genius. I’m going to remember this!

  4. William Sweeney says

    Love the glow stick idea!!! I know my kids would find that a lot of fun, great tips!

  5. Toughcookiemommy says

    I love the beach towel trick because I hate sticking to the seats during road trips. It is so cheap and easy to just drape a beach towel over it.

  6. Neely Moldovan says

    The wine tote organizer idea is absolutely genius! I must try out some of these!

  7. Carrie says

    I never knew that about baking soda! Thats awesome! I love going to the beach but hate the Sand.

  8. Karen says

    Wow, some really useful information. The marker on the skin would work for an older person who gets confused easily too.

  9. Amanda McMahon says

    I think we all need these little hacks. When we head out to have fun it is good to be ready

  10. Becki Santiago says

    I don’t even have kids but these tips sound awesome! I had no idea powder would get rid of the sand so quickly. Thanks!

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