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Guide to Epcot – Attraction Must-Sees

Guide to Epcot - Attraction Must-Sees

Do you have Epcot on your mind? Are you wondering what attractions are must-sees? If so, you are in the right place. While Epcot has quite a bit to offer, if you are limited for time or only have a single day in the park, you may want to ensure you hit all the “hot spots” first.

The good news is, Epcot has rides and attractions that are considered “headliners” as well as ones that are less-popular that quite a few guests overlook completely. However, many of these are worth checking out. Getting to know more about the attractions is the best way to figure out how you want to spend your time in the park.

World Showcase Entertainment

If you are visiting Epcot with adults, you should plan on spending tie at World Showcase. The Drinking Around the World experience is extremely popular and a great way to “enhance” the cultural experience offered. While this activity is often viewed as “boring” (especially by younger visitors) this is simply not the case. It is worth checking out if you have time.

What Attractions Require FastPass+?

While you are going to be waiting in line (it is Disney, after all) there are some attractions that have much longer lines and are worth using a FastPass+ on. These include:

  • Spaceship Earth
  • Sum of All Thrills
  • Test Track
  • Soarin’

While this is true for most days during the year, if you are going on an extremely busy day during the year, then there are a few other things to try and get FastPasses for too.

Top Attractions to Put on Your Must-See List

If you are beginning to make your must-experience list, then keep these attractions in mind. They are worth checking out, even if you only have a day in the park.

  • The American Adventure: This is an audio-animatronics driven stage that plays out important moments in history.
  • Soarin’ Around the World: This is version 2.0 of the hang-glider simulator and offers amazing locations all over the world.
  • Frozen Ever After: This is a boat ride that features all the characters from Frozen and lets you experience Arendelle.
  • Gran Fiesta Tour: Another boat ride, this one features the Three Caballeros with the Mexican culture as a backdrop as everyone searches for Donald Duck.

While these are just a few of the activities to consider while visiting Epcot, they are ones you should definitely put on your list. This guide to Epcot will help you plan an unforgettable experience for you and your entire family.

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