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City Guide: Where To Go In Sofia, Bulgaria

City Guide: Where To Go In Sofia, Bulgaria

Surrounding by beautiful mountain scares in the heart of Bulgaria, you will find the country’s capital, Sofia. This underrated city is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan in all of Europe, and so it’s really worth taking the time to visit.

One of the biggest draws of the city is the fact that everything here is so very affordable. The exchange rate means that you can get a meal for more or less $5 and a drink for more like $2. Needless to say, when you visit, you won’t need a whole load of cash. If you’re ready to see something totally new, it’s time to explore this great urban area. But, before you do, make sure you read our quick and simple guide of where to go!

BBQ Restaurants

First of all, let’s talk food. You need to make sure that you eat well when you’re in the city as you will be walking around a whole load. Meat is at the center of the cuisine here. That means just one thing — BBQ. Everywhere you go, you will see BBQ restaurants and vendors. What’s more, as I’ve already said, the food here is cheap.

You can, of course, get meat skewers, patties, and sausages in most eateries. Much of the time, the meat is seasoned with local herbs and spices too, which are divine. When it comes to sides, fried potatoes are the norm, often topped with some tasty goat’s or sheep cheese. It may sound a little odd, but it’s seriously tasty.

Flee Markets

You will probably want to pick up some local goods or the like when you’re away, so heading to a flee market is not a bad idea. You will find pop-up stalls all over the city — often in parks or just on the side of the street.

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On these stalls, you will find everything from soviet memrobilia to nik-naks. If you want to bag yourself a bargain here (well, of course, you do!), you need to be a little savvy. Look for things that are well-made and authentic. (Oh, and avoid buying coins or pictures!)

Craft Beer Stores

As in much of mainland Europe, craft beer is kind of a huge deal here in Sofia. If you’re a lover of all things real ale, you will find yourself right at home when you visit this area. Most of the bars and restaurants will serve local ale, of course, but there’s more to it than that.

If you head just a little further afield, you will find that there are beer stores, such as Kanaal (on “Madrid” 2). In these stores, you will be able to buy ale from all over Europe. What’s more, drinking on the streets of the city is not a faux pas. You can head to a park and crack open a cold one!

Angel Kanchev

Quirky is the name of the game on Angel Kanchev. This street is packed with vintage stores, bakeries, and quaint little cafes. It is, of course, something of a hot spot for tourists and the hipster community of Sofia. When you visit the city, make some time to take a gander down this street. You won’t regret it and you’re certain to pick up a few beautiful keepsakes along the way.

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