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City Guide: What To See In Sofia, Bulgaria


City Guide: What To See In Sofia, Bulgaria

The bustling city of Sofia, Bulgaria is one of the most affordable and interesting capitals in all of Europe. Thanks to its rich and diverse history, there’s a wealth of architecture and themes that run strong through the center of the town. When you visit this urban escape, you will want to make sure that you see all there is to see!

From religious buildings to the utilitarian architecture of the soviet union, there’s a range of styles to take in here. You should be sure to take your camera along with you because you really don’t want to miss out on these glorious sights. Enjoy.

Getting around town

First of all, let’s talk a little about getting around the city. There’s something you should know — Uber does not exist. I won’t get into the legality behind it, but you won’t find an Uber car here. However, there are yellow cabs on every other street and so you should have no issue getting around the city center.

If you’re money conscious, there’s also a metro service which runs right through the middle of the city. For 1.60 leva (less than $1), you can have a one-way trip to pretty much anywhere in the city. The system is simple to use and, as I’ve mentioned, extremely cheap too.

National Palace of Culture

City Guide: What To See In Sofia, Bulgaria
National theatre Ivan Vazov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Now that you know how to get around, let’s talk about what you need to see along the way. One of your first ports of call will be the National Palace of Culture. The large, looming building sits in a central square and is really a piece of art. This was once the HQ of the city, in around the 1920s, but has now been converted into a venue.

Tourists can head inside the building for free (so long as there are no shows on at the time) and take a look around. The dazzling interior should be enough to make your jaw drop. Cascading light fixtures, golden interiors and a stunning statue are at the heart of the building.

Theatre of the People

In the center of one of the many parks here, you will find the lovely Theatre of the People. Complete with Grecian-style pillars and statues carved into the roof, this is a building that every tourist will adore. It’s also something of a hot spot for photography. As you pass the area, it’s well worth stopping to take a quick snap of it!

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

City Guide: What To See In Sofia, Bulgaria
The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Finally, let’s talk about one of the major things that every traveler comes to see in this city. The cathedral here is an impressive structure which will leave you in sheer awe. In pale emerald and beige, the building boasts a fantastically intense Neo-Byzantine style.

As you might imagine, you can enter the building free of charge (although there are some stalls selling things in the foyer!). Inside, you will be greeted by candles, religious symbols, and whimsical features. It’s well worth taking the time to explore this building.

What’s more, if you’re feeling brave, you can head into a side door and down some stone stairs. At the bottom there, you will find the crypt (which is just what it says on the tin). This attraction is both morbid and inviting! Check it out.

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  1. robin rue says

    Not sure if I will ever make it to Bulgaria, but if I do – I want to check these places out.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    Thanks for sharing this! We’ve been to Europe several times, but we haven’t visited Bulgaria yet. That needs to change!

  3. Colleen Lanin says

    I’d love to visit Bulgaria one day. We’ve been all around the area, but we’ve never actually visited.

  4. Liz Mays says

    I’m loving the architecture of the historical buildings there. It’s good to know you can do a lot of your exploring with the help of the metro.

  5. Maureen says

    There’s so much to see, I had no idea that Sofia, Bulgaria offered so much rich culture and scenery. I would fall in love with the buildings.

  6. Jen Rattie says

    Bulgaria has never been on my travel radar until now. Thanks for the heads up. It’s beautiful there!

  7. Pam Wattenbarger says

    These are all beautiful buildings with amazing architecture. I would definitely want to see these if I were ever in Sofia.

  8. Meagan says

    This place looks gorgeous. I would love to go there with my camera.

  9. Theresa says

    I never thought to visit there before, but now I definitely want to add Sofia, Bulgaria to my travel bucket list. The buildings alone look amazing. I can’t wait to see everything they have to offer.

  10. Seattle Travel Blogger says

    I was not aware of some of this information about Sofia, Bulgaria.
    I have bookmarked this post in my travel folder 🙂 .
    Thanks for increasing my awareness.

  11. Our Family World says

    Bulgaria’s architecture is so majestic! I wish I could visit someday, there are so many sights unique to the country.

  12. Amanda Love says

    I have never been to Bulgaria before and I would love to go there and experience what they have to offer. These are all stunning. The architecture is just lovely.

  13. KIm Croisant says

    Bulgaria isn’t a place that I had on my bucket list until now – I want to explore the world and this seems like the place to start!! It’s beautiful!

  14. Brianne says

    Wow your photos are incredible! I would so love to visit here one day!

  15. Adrianne Betz says

    I’ve always had a draw to cathedrals. What a gorgeous city to visit.

  16. Shannon Gurnee says

    I’ve never thought of traveling to Bulgaria before. It sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  17. Petia says

    A lovely summary! Bulgaria is indeed a wonderful destination for lovers of history, culture, architecture.

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