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Things to Do In Sydney, Nova Scotia

Things to Do In Sydney, Nova Scotia

If you’re lucky enough to visit this is magical place make sure to visit Sydney in Nova Scotia. Sydney is the historical capital of Nova Scotia and is the largest urban area on Cape Breton. Just skimming the local brochure will tell you that there are a variety of activities, sights, and restaurants to visit while you’re here. Diving a little deeper reveals a plethora of things to check off your bucket list while you’re in town.

Things To Do in Nova Scotia

Heritage Museum

The Sydney Mines Heritage Museum and Fossil Centre are based on the rich history surrounding the mines.  About 200 years worth of it. Steelmaking, coal mining, and transportation were once the drive behind Sydney and you can learn all about them here. Even today, the history fascinates locals and visitors. Cape Breton’s fossil center has an ironically, lively display of over 800 fossils that will keep you and your family on your toes.  Visit and take part in the colorful heritage that makes up Sydney

World’s Largest Fiddle

This is a well-known attraction, featured on the front of postcards and probably because of its magnificent size. Snap a picture and ponder the fiddle by recognizing the musical culture in Cape Breton. Unveiled in 2005 the musical instrument towers over 60 feet tall. Learn the story behind the fiddle’s name and delicate melody when you visit this iconic testament to musical culture.

Walking Tours

A walking tour doesn’t scream excitement but it may appeal to those looking for a more leisurely afternoon. Any tour around the beautiful scenery is worth a little consideration. Take a stroll along the harbor front boardwalk and experience the beauty of the water, the scenery of the boats, old and new. This is the best way to fully delve into the background of Sydney, Nova Scotia. You’ll run into accurate representations of various time periods with costumes and fun facts.

Cape Breton’s Miner Museum

This may be a stop you make on a walking tour through Sydney. That’s because miner history runs deep through the area. Coal mining was the natural resource that fueled the area to become the destination it is today. While you here, you can get a history lesson, take a mine tour, and grab a bite in the Miner’s Village and Restaurant, all of which will propel you into the past. The museum can be found on a 15-acre site located on the stunning coast of Cape Breton.

Membertou Heritage Park

If that’s not enough history, don’t worry there is plenty more to see. Take the time to stop by the Heritage Park for enactments and cultural exhibitions. Experience this history of the community when you learn about the Mi’kmaq people and their ancestors.  Do a little shopping at the end of your trip and take a piece of Canadian culture with you after visiting Petroglyphs Gift Shop.

Where to Eat

Governor’s Pub and Eatery

The lovely decor and rich cultural look will catch your attention from the street. The rave reviews and local chatter will get you to the front door, and the delicious meals will have you coming back for more. Fresh seafood, hearty steak dinners, and versions of Irish classics scatter the menu and you’ll want to try them all. Choose from a variety and pair your meal with an imported or local draft or beer. Good food is a must on any new adventure.

Cape Breton Fudge Co.

If you can choose between so many delectable flavors then this is the perfect place to curb your sweet tooth. What started as a tiny sweet shop that just made fudge has blossomed into a creative place to experience brand new flavors. You’ll have to visit yourself to get a taste of these treats.

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