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New Year Resolutions for Travelers – Renew Your Wanderlust

New Year Resolutions for Travelers – Renew Your Wanderlust Every year millions of people make New Year resolutions. Lose weight, stop smoking, save more money, volunteer to better the community, scale back to two boxes of wine a week are all things we aim to change. This year, I decided to focus on traveling.

So, I resolve to be a better traveler by…

10. Being More Open Minded and Adventurous – By nature I am usually willing to try new things, but I have trouble stepping out of routine when I find something I like. Every time I visit Florida, I stay at the same accommodations. I found a place that works well for my family and stick with it because, well, if ain’t broke – don’t fix it. By stepping outside of my happy little box, I might find a place that is even better. That was true in Chicago. I loved this little boutique hotel, but we tried a new place last year and the location and kid-friendly amenities were awesome!

9. Don’t Let Price Tags Be Blinders – Being frugal and budget conscious is vital, but I have missed out on memories because I was scared off by the price tag. Regrets followed, so weigh those options carefully. On the other side of the coin – just because something is pricey doesn’t mean it is better! Find customer reviews whenever you can to help you make the best decisions.

8. Be More Patient – Ah, those customer service reps, TSA agents, flight attendants, and even fellow travelers aren’t out to make things harder on us. I often find patient and a cool head always prevails to some benefit.

7. Be More Carefree – I love to have an itinerary. Schedules and structure can help avoid issues, but it can also be a real bore. Instead of having every moment planned out, I resolve to limit my need for complete control in the manner of some absurd vacation drill sergeant.

6. Go Geocaching – This has been on my “to-do” list for a while. My friend who travels with her 2-year-old son and husband helped me discover this amazing real-world treasure hunt. You need to download the app on your smartphone and it directs you to a treasure near you by using GPS. You are lead to a treasure and with a log book of fellow hunters who have stopped by and left something. You do the same. Log your find and leave something behind if you decide to take an item with you.

5. Exercise Travel Rights – I know I vowed to be more patient, but I have been walked on and taken advantage of. Sometimes we must remember that not everyone is looking to screw us over, but you also deserve to know your rights. Click HERE for a rundown on some of your flight rights.

4. Detach From Gadgets and Unplug – Sometimes it is easy to depend on your smartphone and tablets for everything. Recommend the restaurant, get you there, give you calorie counts, calculate the tip, provide an area for review and then get you back to your hotel. In my experience, half the fun is getting there and it is hard to do that when your face is buried in a screen.

3. Enjoy Every Moment Good or Bad – I personally tend to let negative experiences fester. They bring me down and usually put a cloud over my entire trip. A resolution to find a solution and move on is just what I need!

2. Don’t Let Expectations Cloud Reality – I suppose this supports my goal to be more patient and adventurous, but sometimes we, as travelers, get an expectation in our head that makes the reality seem dull in comparison. It’s about balance and if something is unjustly wrong – act upon it, find a solution and move on. If it is a simple issue, find a way to deal and move on with a focus on what the reality is. You may be staying at a five-star hotel, but don’t envision it as being something it’s not. In reality, the staff won’t carry you in on a golden throne while tossing colorful scarves in the air and shooting off confetti cannons. However, they should be friendly and accommodating to your needs and reasonable desires.

1. Play Like a Kid – Judgment from others can be powerful, but who says adults can’t get messy, eat giant cookies and ride the spinning teacups with mouse ears on? Kids have a way of letting go and being free in a way I envy. So, I resolve to think like a kid and enjoy life on a new level.