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Top 5 Places to Whale Watch This Summer

Top 5 Places to Whale Watch This SummerInterests in whale watching have been on the rise in recent years and for a very good reason. Experience these majestic and enormous creatures up close and in real life can be quite an adventure. Not only do watchers get to spend time out in the open water, but they also get a personal look into nature that doesn’t compare. The good news, is that you don’t have to wonder out into the open sea just hoping to spot a pod of whales. Because of migration patterns, it is fairly easy to plan a trip where you’re likely to sneak a peek. Here are the top places to go whale watching.


There are numerous options and different locations for whale watching in California. The nice thing about this area, other than the sun, is that you have the option to see certain whales all year round. The type of whales you may see depends on the time of year. For example, Monterey Bay, California has whale watching throughout the year. Here you can see Blue, Humpbacks, and Gray whales. Also in California, you can catch a glimpse in Big Sur, California and San Diego, California. These areas depend heavily on migration patterns and the weather.


Alaska may be one of the most well-known places when it comes to whale watching. That might have something to do with the incredible experience it offers. Often the white bellies of whales match the white snow-covered mountains nearby. Glacier Bay, Alaska is the place to see blue whales that can be heard from miles and miles away. Other hot spots in Alaska are Juneau and Kodiak Island. Kodiak Island is known for its festival dedicated to the return of the gray whales, which is a 10-day affair that takes place in late April.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This vacation spot also draws a large crowd of whale watchers during migration season. A major feeding ground for Humpback and Finback whales is located near Cape Cod. There is a very good chance that you will spot more than one type of whale if you’re on an excursion here. While you’re scanning the horizon for fins and tales, you can expect to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, hear educational and interesting facts about whales, and have an overall relaxing experience. Remember to bring your camera!

Long Island, New York

If you’re looking for a diversity of best places for whale watching on your trip, you should head out to Long Island. From June to September you have a chance to spot several different types of whales, including Fin, Humpback, Minke, Sperm, North Atlantic Right, Blue, and Sei Whales. This variety will leave you nothing short of amazed when you look out over the water.

What To Expect

Don’t forget that you’re taking a peek into nature when you go whale watching; therefore, there is a chance that you won’t see as many whales as you’d like. However, if you research migration patterns, whales travel in large numbers, you’re more likely to catch a glimpse. In addition, make sure you head out prepared, with either an extra layer, sunscreen, and your camera. Not many people know what to expect when they head out for their first trip and it can be overwhelming. Be prepared so you can enjoy every second of these incredible creatures.

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