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Traveling With Pets – What You Need to Know

Traveling With Pets - What You Need to KnowIf you’re traveling with pets, we have the details on what you need to know. Thanks to information collected from veterinarians, you can help keep your furry family member safe while flying.

Do Your Research

Every airline is different and may have specific policies. The rules for traveling with pets can vary with different carriers so make sure to check things like health certification requirements, types of carriers allowed, labeling requirements, and pet I.D. needs. Make sure you do your research and consider the needs of your pet when picking an airline and make sure your info is up to date. Policies can change quickly. Also, make sure your pet’s favorite toy will be permissible.


There are a limited number of spots for pets to ride in the cabin. If you need one of those coveted spaces, make sure you book your flight as early as possible. These spots go fast, so give yourself plenty of time between your reservation and travel date. Also, keep in mind that your fellow passengers may have issues like allergies so be prepared to have your pet in their kennel during the ride.

Travel Prep

Make sure you prep your pet for being in their carrier for an extended period of time. The vets recommend giving your pet at least 1 month to get used to their kennel or cage. That may also mean your furry friend won’t whine or howl, especially if they are traveling in the cabin with fellow passengers.

Safety First

Take a photo of your pet on departure day. Having a recent photo will become vital if your pet should get lost. Also, do a little digging of clinics near your destination. Save the info in your phone so you’ll be prepared if there is a pet emergency.

Also, make sure your pet has a clean bill of health with a trip to the vet for a checkup shortly before you fly.

Do you have a vital traveling tip or advice when traveling with your pet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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