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What to Expect on a Cruise when Bad Weather Hits

What to Expect on a Cruise when Bad Weather HitsThose who cruise frequently have probably experienced bad weather patterns aboard a cruise ship at some point during their travel time. When bad weather hits while you’re on a cruise ship, it may seem overwhelming the first time you experience it. Bad weather is inevitable sometimes, and while cruise ships may cancel sail if bad weather is anticipated, sometimes you can still get caught aboard a cruise ship in bad weather conditions. If you want to know what to expect on a cruise when bad weather hits, then continue reading so that you’re aware of just what you can you expect.

No Swimming

When the cruise ship hits the choppy water, you’ll find that nets will be placed over the swimming pools. This is to keep guests from attempting to swim during bad weather. Guests are not allowed to take advantage of the swimming pools found aboard the ship during rocky seas or high winds, so the nets are placed over the swimming pools to deter guests from going in the pools.

Closed Decks

All at-risk areas will be closed off during any inclement weather, including high winds. The open docks and other open areas located on the port sides and starboard may be closed off to guests during high winds and other bad weather to ensure guests stay safe. Sometimes guests of a cruise ship aren’t as aware of the high winds, so open docks get closed to keep guests safe.

Ship Stabilizers

Most modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers. These are two fin-shaped looking devices that are found on each side of the cruise ship underneath the water. The stabilizers are only used during really bad weather to ensure the cruise ship stays stable during high winds and choppy seas. Since the ship’s stabilizers use more fuel, they’re only used during really bad weather patterns.

Seasick Bags

Lastly, you can expect to find seasick bags available for guests. There are many seasick bags placed strategically around the cruise ship docks and such to ensure that guests who may get sick can access those bags quickly. Stewards are also available to hand a sick guest a seasick bag if the choppy seas are making them seasick.

You can rest easy knowing that cruise ships have certain procedures to follow when bad weather hits. There are many precautions taken and rules they follow if the cruise ship hits choppy seas during your vacation. Hopefully, this article has prepared you with what to expect on a cruise when bad weather hits

Have you ever been on a cruise in bad weather? Please share your experiences with us!

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