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5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

We all have our own ideas of the perfect romantic Valentine destination, but fortunately, there are literally dozens of places to visit if you’re looking for a chance to get away and enjoy some alone time this Valentine’s Day.

Whether your idea of the perfect setting for love is an igloo shared with your partner or a kiss underneath the historical bridge of sighs in Venice, we’ve got a collection of the 5 best valentine destinations to help inspire your impromptu trip.

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1.   Roman Romance in a Roman Bath

5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

If you’re the kind of couple that likes to soak up luxury and relaxation together, then as a quick trip to a Roman Bath, in Rome could be on the cards. You can stroll hand-in-hand around the most popular spa city in the world, and take in some of the most incredible historical sites in the world. Once you’re done exploring, there are plenty of options to sit back and relax in a steamy bath spa.

2.   A Parisian Embrace

5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

There are few places on earth more perfect for romance than the flowery gardens and cobbled lanes of Paris. Every aspect of this beautiful city seems to scream love, which is why it’s one of the most popular Valentine’s destinations in the world. Steal a kiss underneath the Eiffel tower, or take a twilight cruise with your beloved along the Seine.

3.   Snuggle in Sweden

5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

While it might be cold in Sweden, you’re sure to keep each other warm under the furry blankets of your igloo in the world-famous ice hotel. You can spend your Valentine’s day steaming in your private sauna or exploring with your very own dog sled. There are even licensed ice chapels if you want a special snow-white wedding.

5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

4.   Share a Sigh in Venice

Venice is perhaps the best-known destination for romance in the world today. Built on water, this unique city is seductive to its core, with plenty of tangled lanes to explore and exciting destinations to share with your loved one. Legend says that an embrace under the Bridge of Sighs during sunset will lead to eternal love.

5.   Swim through Love in the Seychelles

5 Romantic Valentine Destinations Not To Be Missed

Finally, if you enjoy the day of being a castaway with your other half on white sandy beaches, while you dip your toes in stunning turquoise waters, then the Seychelles could be the perfect option for a Valentine’s day getaway. If you’re looking for seclusion, there are plenty of hotels that you can book that are renowned for their privacy.

A romantic Valentine vacation is sure to be a wonderful experience as you and your loved one form lasting memories together.  After you turn this Valentine’s Day into a vacation I hope you’ll make it an annual event.

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