Travel Tips: How To Travel Successfully With Your Pet – What You Need To Know


Travelling with pets is never easy, but it’s always less of an inconvenience when you plan ahead. Most of the time, airlines [both domestic and international] will allow pets with minimal provisions, but there are things to keep in mind before you decide you want to take your dog or cat traveling with you. Unfortunately, only cats and dogs are currently allowed on most airlines, and generally speaking, snakes, parrots, mice, etc. won’t be allowed.

First of all, for those of you who are ‘checking in’ your pets, you will need to present a health certificate when you do so. And then, you’ll be asked to complete a checklist detailing separate food/watering dishes available for the dog/cat without opening the kennel, the last time the pet was fed and watered, the health certificate’s validity, the international compliances for pets must be met for your destination, and also make sure you find out the animal relief areas for both your departure and arrival airports.

Now, carry on pets are also allowed on most flights, but no more than seven pets can be carried with you at all times, and the reservation process [both pricing and time] is different to making reservations for people [although this is a bit obvious]. There are applicable charges for taking pets as carry-on baggage, and pets are also absolutely not allowed out during any time of the flight – they need to stay in their ‘closed and/or zipped kennels’ in the seat in front of you during the entire duration of the flight, with absolutely no exceptions. The specific carrier size does vary from airline to airline, however.

Finally, the pet must be more than eight weeks old, and you MUST make sure to check that your international destination allows the pet. If you’re traveling anywhere domestic, it’s usually not a problem, but there are many international locations that don’t allow pets – at least, through airlines.


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    Thank you for the tips! Honestly, traveling with pets is pretty difficult. We typically take the car if our dog is coming with us because she gets extremely stressed out on flights and is allergic to any medication for anxiety.

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    One of our cats is very well traveled. Because he belongs to my daughter, she takes him back and forth to college or around the country when she is visiting people. I will direct her to your tips because it is always a hassle when she flys.

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    We traveled with our pet Persian when we moved to CO 2 years ago. It’s quite expensive to travel with them by plane and she needed to be in a carrier at all times although we wanted to take her out and lay her on our laps. We now have 2 dogs so will be traveling cross country by car next time we have to travel.

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    I have traveled internationally with both dogs and cats. I have always checked them in. I guess I never thought of carrying them on the plane. One thing I know for sure is I could never carry 7 on at one time that is a lot!.

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    Very interesting. We will be traveling with our new dog soon so this is good to know. Things have changed a lot since we traveled with pets a long time ago. I took a couple parakeets on a flight home once. Now there are more rules.

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    Wow, seven pets with one person? had no idea that was possible. Early this year I was thinking about sending a pet on a plane and I certainly wouldn’t have thought to include any health papers or any of the stuff listed just because I’d never known anyone who’s done this before. Thanks for sharing.

  7. gametime says

    I think people should think twice before subjecting a dog or cat to an airline flight. You often have no control over delays, bad weather, etc. It’s bad enough that humans often have to sit for hours waiting for take-off, let alone subjecting pets to this abuse.

    If travel by air is necessary, think about leaving the pet at home in comfort with someone who will maintain their daily schedule, give them attention, and keep them happy until they see you again.

  8. Jojo2421 says

    What if your pet is a tiny turtle? I don’t believe you can fly with a turtle, even with a specially made container. 3 hrs by plane will be a lot less traumatic than 3 days by car. What should I do?

  9. Gen says

    This article is seriously incorrect ! Most commercial airlines do not allow pets/animals of any kind in cargo areas anymore. Pets traveling with the owner in the cabin must fit under the seat at your feet, not in the seat in front of you. Only small dogs/cats can travel now. Most flights restrict the number of pets on board to 2 for the entire plane. Some breeds, regardless of size, are banned due to breathing difficulties – bulldogs for example. Tickets for flights vary between $75 – 135.

    My toy Pomeranian flies with me regularly, and I have never had an airport tell me I couldn’t enter with him inside his travel carrier.

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