Barefoot Bubbly’s Pinot Grigio at a Sunday Picnic – A Perfect Combination

Barefoot Bubbly’s Pinot Grigio at a Sunday Picnic - A Perfect Combination

Good things come to those who wait. I’m not being hyperbolic, that’s how much I love Barefoot Bubbly’s Pinot Grigio. And guys, let me tell you – I’ve tried a LOT of wine and champagne over the years. White wine, red wine, sparkling wine, and what was a suspicious-looking blue-ish wine in Thailand once. And even though there are a lot wine snobs who will turn their noses on Pinot Grigio, I’m betting that they haven’t tried Barefoot Bubbly’s version yet. Seriously, it’s that good.

I’m always looking to try out new wine selections, and the only reason I stumbled upon this version was thanks to our family’s monthly picnic get-together. Along with most of our friends and family, we host a monthly gathering at our house, at which we proceed to get plastered. Well, those of us who don’t have kids or manage to put the kids to sleep as soon as possible. This particular Sunday, we managed to get drop off everybody’s kids at a daycare for the day, and then spent the whole afternoon day drinking. We sampled various different alcoholic beverages, including champagne, sparkling wine, and some of the more bitter selections, i.e. vodka and tequila. But we ended up having to go to CVS four different times to get Barefoot Bubbly’s Pinot Grigio, because that was the drink that people kept drinking – over and over again. In fact, since we filled all the wines and champagnes into clear decanters, nobody knew that it was Barefoot Bubbly’s Pinot Grigio, and I remember someone asking me why I had ordered really expensive champagne for the picnic. I know, right?

Barefoot-Bubbly-Pinot-Grigio-glassThe bubbly is obviously delicious, with apple flavors and a peachy undertone. The drink itself smells like flowers and blossoms, and I gotta tell you – it’s an awesome feeling to be sitting there, sniffing and drinking. I may have looked foolish, but I didn’t even care at that point.  And to be honest, I don’t think anyone else did either, hence the numerous trips to CVS to fill up our Barefoot Bubbly cravings.

The best thing is, the Pinot Grigio is SO much cheaper than all that pretentious crap you’d get at restaurants and wineries. You can get it for $10 at most convenience stores, and the best part: they always have it in stock. At least, the place we went to had about five different cartons of the stuff. And even though we initially bought it for our picnic, I think our entire group collectively decided that this was going to become our official ‘drink’ every time we went out. Drinking, dancing, partying, family gatherings, engagement parties, we don’t care. We’ll just hide it in our purses if someone doesn’t allow it.


  1. Paula Parker says

    I never had Pinot, but I have had Barefoot wines before. They are great quality at a good price. I’ll have to try this one too! Thanks

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    It looks good from the picture. I would love to try this wine. I love wines now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I am hosting a girls night soon and will pick up some barefoot bubbly. It sounds like the perfect drink for the evening.

  4. jane says

    i love to try new type os wines too~ i am a wine lover. would love to find this here in malaysia and try too

  5. says

    Love the bubblies. You are so right about $10 bottles. The more expensive ones usually come from the same barrel. Just marketed different. Save your money.

  6. Eliz Frank says

    What a great way to enjoy a Sunday picnic. The Pinot looks top notch and I agree that it was a perfect complement to your day.

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